Nov 28, 2017

A Simple Christmas

I’d say I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but I’m really dreaming of a neutral and simple Christmas that doesn’t stress me out. One Scandinavian inspired, without huge gifts and a tree so covered in decor that you can’t appreciate it’s natural beauty. This year I’ve really buckled down on the holiday clutter and today I am sharing my holiday decor with you. If a more simple version of the holidays is what you’re looking for, I hope it inspires you.

5 Tips to Have a Simple Christmas

  1. Ditch the gifts already. Seriously. Unless you know the person really needs something, time is almost always better and a more valuable gift to give.
  2. Pick a few traditions and do those. You don’t need to do every tradition for every holiday, it’s stressful to keep up and the ones you choose will be a better experience.
  3. It’s ok to RSVP “No” to family events if you need to. We usually see our family once for the holiday. Sometimes a quiet Christmas at home is absolutely perfect.
  4. This is obvious, but keep your decor simple. I have 11 ornaments on my tree this year, ELEVEN! I love to see it’s natural beauty.
  5. Slow down. Enjoy the season for more than just it’s commercial aspect. Be kind, help others, give thoughtfully and without expecting something in return.


What do you do to keep your Christmas simple?

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Such a good reminder. As someone who has three blown out trees, including a 12 footer (lol!) I could learn a few lessons from this.

Love it!!!!! My hubby and I just buy a us a gift. I buy what I want, he buys what he wants. Makes things easy peasy lol

Haha, sounds super easy! I think we have similar principles.

My wife and I ditched the gifts a while back. Makes things much less stressful since we don’t have to worry about it each year.

Where is that beautiful star tree topper from?

It’s by Ferm Living! I picked mine up at Fawn Shoppe.

I have the hardest time saying no, especially this time of year. Your decor is absolutely stunning!

These are some nice ideas! I’m definitely ready for Christmas and it would be nice to keep it low-key.

I love how you decorated your space! And I agree, I want to RSVP no to about half a dozen family events but my partner is less inclined to do so. We’re having a quiet NYE though so I’m thankful for that.

I love your minimalist decor, it’s so beautiful and classic! My family has been simplifying the holidays a little bit every year for the past little while and I love how it’s become a more relaxing time with less running around.

The decor is so pretty and timeless. I love the simplicity of it. So beautiful!

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