Apr 17, 2013

Story of the Jar

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Quite a few years ago I went on a drive with my friend Liz to Orinda, California to pick up some mason jars to use as centerpieces in her wedding. She said they were blue, and they were. They were beautiful blue with zinc lids. While we were there completing one of the least sketchy craigslist purchases I’ve ever made the lady selling the mason jars said “Oh I have these ones from 1858, you want to see?” and all I could think of was one of Ryan‘s posts on his blog about collecting memories. I ended up buying 3 mason jars; one of Steve & I, one for Aiden, and one for our future baby (Søren). I already had a few treasures that I’d saved along the way and that I didn’t have a “home” for, so into the jar they went. Over the years we’ve carefully added to all of our jars. Søren’s is the least full for obvious reasons.

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Brilliant idea! I’m doing a 2013 memory jar but didn’t think of doing a separate one for each of us, thanks for the inspiration! Really love your blog to, adore how homely it looks! You have a new follower on bloglovin from me, for sure! x


You’re welcome! You should share how it goes and what you put in it!

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