Apr 15, 2013

Pack for 10 Days in East Texas

Photo taken by Brandy Korte and used under Creative Commons license.

This might sound crazy, but I’m going to visit my sister in East Texas for 6 days with 2 kids in tow. It will be the first time that the boys have come with me to visit her in Texas, the first time that Søren has been on a plane, and the first time that I travel alone with both of them. I will, of course, only pack a carry on. One for me, and one for the boys which Aiden will pull. The weather is a little unpredictable and humid but I’m only going for 7 days so I don’t plan to double up on clothes too much. I plan to wear Søren in the sling while moving through the airport and such.


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What kind of backpack is that? The item is nolonger available at macy’s so I can’t even see what brand it was.

Hi Meagan,

It is a Tumi bag. I found it on another site, here: http://bit.ly/1sr1155

I’ll update the link, thanks. 🙂

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