Mar 06, 2014

Sun + Sand / Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-1 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-2 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-3 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-4 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-5team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-6 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-7 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-8 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-9 team-wiking-cabo-san-lucas-mexico-2-10 Almost half of our trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was spent with our toes in the sand. Søren kept sliding his feet into it and then picking out each little grain individually. We picked a spot far from the water to keep him more interested in the sand than the ocean. It was one of the first times that we’ve gone to the beach and I haven’t had to fight to keep him away from the water. Don’t let the peaceful look of the water deceive you, the current is very strong and it is not safe to swim in!

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@Nancy – IKR, I die.
@Briseidy – Thanks!
@Kate – Thanks!

These photos are so beautiful and relaxing!

beautiful photos! love the colors

OMG at Søren in his sunglasses!!!!!!!!

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