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Aiden starts school on Monday, so I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite supplies for middle school. Some we’ve had for awhile, but others are new additions.

1. Poppin’ Highlighters – I love how slim and bright these are. This is the first time highlighters have been on his supply list.

2. Colored Pencils – These are always a favorite for supply lists, and these ones are top knotch. Søren ends up with the hand-me-downs.

3. Pencil Sharpener – This Pinnochio inspired sharpener is so adorable that it will be hard to lose in transit.

4. Blue & Black Pen – He’s never needed these either, but I thought these were adorable!

5. Bright Notebooks – Aiden loves notebooks, and bright colors. He can jot down any quick notes or just use them as a place to dream.

6. 12″ Neon Ruler – I don’t know why his ruler always disappears, hopefully this will be easy to spot.

7. Goodbyn Hero – These are hands-down our absolute favorite lunchboxes. We’ve been using Goodbyn since 2008 and I can’t say enough good things about them.

8. Sigg Water Bottle – This metal water bottle will be easy to find in his backpack and is not too large. His school has refilling stations, so I’m not worried about the size.

9. Herschel Backpack – A Little America backpack was a perfect upgrade for Aiden (his is black). It has a padded sleeve for his iPad / Laptop (school required), and padded sleeves as well.

10. Baggu Bag – I love to keep a standard Baggu bag in his backpack just in case he has any extras that he needs to bring home and can’t fit. You never know when you will need a spare bag!

11. Flight 001 Gym Bag – Aiden’s school doesn’t offer dedicated PE lockers, so these will help keep his gym clothes from stinking up the rest of his backpack.

12. Herschel Pencil Case – Aiden picked this out to keep his supplies from floating around his backpack, and it’s more than large enough to do so.

It sounds really silly but I’ve found that Aiden does a lot better in school when he feels like he has cool school supplies. I’ve been so nervous about him starting Middle School, but I’m sure he will do fine. We don’t buy all brand new supplies from year to year, so I hope the little refresh we did will give him a little confidence boost.

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