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The Cow and The Enderman

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I hope that everyone had a happy Halloween and weekend. The weather was certainly not cooperative for us leading up to this year’s Halloween festivities. The annual parade at Aiden’s school was canceled due to rain, but it let up just after school got out. I felt like it wasn’t going to rain for the rest of the day so we carved our pumpkins and speed decorated the house. Aiden was the Enderman from the game Minecraft, and Søren was a cow. I made Aiden’s costume with a spare box, glow sticks, paint, and black mesh. Søren’s cow costume was purchased last year and never worn. The boys weren’t too into trick-or-treating this year so we all snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie together while handing out treats.

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  1. amazing photos! love your decorations and those costumes look great!

  2. Love the photos of them trick-or-treating. Was soren afraid of aiden with his mask on? Also… crazy fog, freaking awesome looking.

  3. Love their costumes! Soren looks a little wary of Aiden in one shot. Was he scared at all?
    Mathilde was a little freaked out when she saw Ava in white face paint at first and it wasn’t even scary!

  4. These photos are great:)

  5. They both look ADORABLE! I love the ‘Boo’ trick or treating bag <3

  6. Great pictures of a fun looking Halloween.

  7. Amazing photos! My boys are minecraft fans, they would have loved to do Enderman! lol

  8. Wow those photos! Why is Halloween only once a year? Miss it already.

  9. Great pictures! Looks like a fun night and your boys are adorable!

  10. I STILL need to carve a pumpkin this year! I have to do it this upcoming weekend because I am craving some pumpkin seeds 🙂

  11. I was dying over your photos, they were so precious and really captured a moment! Thanks for always sharing!

  12. So sweet! Our girl’s were both cows one year and oh so cute!

    1. I don’t think you can go wrong with a cow costume. He kept saying “Moo!” instead of trick or treat.

  13. your kids look so stylish from the costumes to the trick or treat bags!! 🙂 i love all your pumpkins too. we missed out on a lot of the halloween / fall festivities this year.

  14. These photos are just lovely. Love your blog so much – thanks for letting us take a peek into your life 🙂

    rae of love from berlin

  15. How sweet are your littles scooping out the pumpkin and Trick-or-Treating! <3

  16. I skipped out on pumpkin seeds this year and I am really regretting it! I was traveling during the holiday so I wasn’t able to carve a pumpkin. Still time you think?


  17. Your photos are amazing as always! They boys look like they had quite the eventful Halloween!

  18. Stunning photos as always, your boys are so precious. Love their costumes!

  19. Love love love the cow costume it’s like the cutest thing ever 🙂

  20. Very sweet photos as always! Such cute little spooky pumpkins!

  21. great photos. looks like you had a great halloween!

  22. So cute, and the pictures are great! I love carving pumpkins and I wish I would have set time aside this year to get that done.

  23. Their costumes are fantastic! How fun!

  24. Can you come and take all of my family photos? Seriously, amazing pictures. Looks like an amazing Halloween.

  25. I love the shot of the two of them holding hands from behind! Adorable!

  26. wow! you guys went all out!!!

  27. Looks like you guys had a really, really great night. And those costumes are awesome!

  28. Love the row of happy pumpkins lined up, grinning away! And the costumes – so adorable!!! The holiday looks gorgeous, fun decorating and ambiance shots. 🙂


  29. Excellent photos! I love the ghosts. They are adorable.

  30. How cute are they! My son would love to go trick and treating as Enderman. Or do just about anything as Enderman, lol