50 Item Wardrobe

50 Item Wardrobe, a minimalists capsule wardrobe for an entire year.

1. Tote Bag / Printed Clutch / Pom Beanie / Black Hat / Panama Hat / Sunglasses / Sunglasses
2. Dark Scarf / Light Scarf (similar) / Black Clutch / Leather Shorts / Pencil Skirt / Swimsuit (similar) / Bikini Top & Bikini Bottom
3. Tank / White V-Neck / Marsala V-Neck / Gray Tee / Black Tee / Silk Top / White Tunic
4. Chambray Top / Striped Top / Gray Sweater / Black Cardigan / Black Sweater / Black Blazer / Leather Jacket
5. Anorak / Trench / Wool Coat / Black Dress / Gray Dress / Black Dress / Long Dress (similar)
6. Black Denim / Dark Denim / Light Denim / Leather Pants / White Denim / Pumps / Nude Flats
7. Sneakers (similar) / Oxfords / Loafers (similar) / Flat Sandals / Slip-Ons / Strappy Heels / Ankle Boots

Between all of my talk and reading about minimalism, and the musical rooms I am playing in my house right now, I’ve thrown together a virtual closet overhaul inspired by my travel light packing list. I’m sharing my dream closet that consists of 50 items or less for the entire year. This doesn’t include undergarments, workout clothing, professional clothing, or uniforms. The jewelry that I do wear usually holds some sentimental value, but if you like to wear jewelry I wouldn’t include it in your 50 item limit. Originally I felt like 50 was a low number, but after getting all of it out there and thinking about the seasons here it didn’t seem as low. My next project will be to make my closet look similar. You can follow along via my Pinterest board.

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On a side note, I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween.


What items would you include in your 50 Item Wardrobe?

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Responses to “50 Item Wardrobe”

  1. i love this! great picks. i’m definitely into casual/simple clothing items. it’s easier to mix and match, so this is perfect.

  2. I seriously love just about everything on here! I wear mostly black and cool toned neutrals. 🙂

  3. I’ve seen this done I think maybe published in a magazine or something before a few years back and ugh… whenever I’m cleaning out my closet I’m like “okay, can I live on 50 (or “X” amount) pieces of clothing a year”. There would be so much less to worry about in the mornings because you don’t have as much to choose from hahaha. Man. I need to stop shoppin’ 🙂

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    But I like to shop LOL. I definitely have a lot more than 50 items in my closet 😉

  5. I am with you on this but it is so hard not to shop when I am out and about lol

  6. Beyond fabulous pics!!! Wish I had them sitting in my closet 😉

  7. Love this! Such a clean look and some great items to mix and match with. 🙂

  8. What a great list, I’m sure these pieces work really well with everything!

  9. A cream puffy quilted vest. Oh good, I bought one last night! 🙂

  10. Elizabeth O.

    I should change my wardrobe to this. Love the simplicity!

  11. Those are some great pieces. I love that black pencil skirt.

  12. This is a good list – practical, simple, and still fashionable. One’s gotta save enough room in his / her luggage for some shopping 🙂

  13. I have to say, I loved your picks but I am a bit too old for a few of them. My daughters, however, will look great if some of these outfits.

  14. Stunning! I love a variety of jackets.

  15. Minimalist type of wardrobe are just my favorite – lovely and classy.

  16. I’ve really been wanting to try out a more minimalist style. I love all the options here!

  17. michele d

    Those are great choices for the fall! Love the sweaters!

  18. I would love to do this! It’s the mix and match part of my wardrobe that I have the most problem with.

  19. Love the colors, texture, and mostly the leather! I want so many pieces.

  20. This is a cool list Jessica, I would include those big scarfs as you can use them for so many things, head band, belt etc

  21. This is great. I love it. What a fun idea, and sounds so much more frugal in the end than buying new things for every season!

  22. Chrissy Mazzocchi

    Oh wow! I’d love to have all of these items in my wardrobe!

  23. I love your picks! I definitely think I could get by with these.

  24. I would definitely need lots of jeans and tshirts in my 50 items 🙂 I don’t think I could do it, really. I love changing things up in my wardrobe whenever I feel like it. Even a $10 tshirt in a fun color can make my day!

  25. I love the tips and where you can pick the right outfit.

  26. Such great clothing choices. I’m pretty simple and casual with my style.

  27. If I take away the hundreds of scarves I have, I think I only have about 50 items in total. Most of my clothing is black and I add color with scarves. I don’t need a lot and if I could wear the same black dress as a uniform for work every day I would.

    1. Me too!! Where in said dress from? I have one from lularoe and one from synergy!

  28. I’m loving the bag. The chunky heeled pumps have my attention to . SO chic.

  29. looks like a great wardrobe!! i might put together 50 also for the year. 33 is actually pretty difficult to stick to right now.

  30. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are all great pieces. I need to go and get a few new pieces for my winter wardrobe.

  31. Awesome pieces. I’d fill my closet with most of them!

  32. Those semi-gladiator-like heels are really cute. I’ve been looking for a pair for my own closet. i like dressing in black a lot.

  33. I really like this wardrobe. When I first saw that it was only 50 items, I got worried immediately! After looking more at it, that is a lot of clothing and they all go great together! I actually think I could do this and be fine with it.

  34. I am currently reworking my wardrobe now. I’m trying to select pieces that can be worn in a variety of settings, and in a bunch of different ways. Saves time, money, and space.

  35. This is incredibly ambitious! I would never be able to do it but I am in awe that you are trying. haha!
    The Accidental Mama

  36. Being able to combine outfits in so many ways is the way to go! What a great collection here.

  37. Wow, you formatted this beautifully. I’d be curious to know how much this all added up to price-wise – like, how much does a wardrobe overhaul cost?


  38. Can I please win the lottery so I can go shopping now?

  39. You’ve got some nice pics here. I like that the knit hats w/the ball on top are back in style. 🙂

  40. Such a great pick of clothes. I think my favourite is the leather jacket, you can never go wrong with a good leather jacket and they go with EVERYTHING! 🙂

  41. I absolutely love this. I am currently cleaning out my closets, (yes I have more than one) and this has inspired me a lot. I need more basics. I currently have 2 – 30 gallon garbage bags, 1 – 42 gallon garbage bag and a huge box full of clothes to go to Goodwill because I don’t wear them.

  42. Those are all super cute pieces! I couldn’t imagine only having 50 pieces in my entire wardrobe!

  43. Rebecca Swenor

    I love your list of 50 items. I figure if you have three or four of everything to mix and match you will do awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  44. lol, looks a lot like my closet. Except with more women’s clothes. Cause I don’t have women’s clothes. My wife does. Because she’s a woman.

  45. So many pieces to love! Thanks for sharing the must haves!

  46. Melissa Smith

    I can’t believe that I’m missing so many of these items! But I think I would have to include some brown boots & flannel shirts in my closet.

  47. Yeah I don’t think I have 50 items in my closet… (excluding underwear / bras / socks). I tend to cycle clothes out pretty frequently, though the ‘I have nothing to wear’ issue happens far too frequently!

  48. OMG! Now all I want to do is shop. You have great taste

  49. Wowwww are you actually going to pare down your closet that much? I just did a major purging and while it felt amazing, I think it would be hard for me to get rid of that much more stuff. Good for you though! This looks like a great wardrobe.

  50. I would love to be able to pull that off. WHat a cool concept.

  51. I love that you’re taking on the minimalist lifestyle because it’s def encouraging me! I grew up having more clothes then I wore or knew what to do with, my mom is the same way. I know most people would think that’s cool but I’ve come to think that it’s actually a pain because when i’ve moved there was never enough closet space to accommodate all those clothes (this was made even more so hard living in NY). I now have more closet space then I know what to do with and I find myself buying more and more because of this. I want to scale back and this is giving me tons of inspiration to do so!

  52. Yes! I love this, I feel like these things are so versitile!! I love it!

  53. I love this!! I was just thinking I needed a closet redo/update so this is great inspiration to guide me!

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  55. LOVE this idea! Wish you had a way that I could just give my sizes and have the whole thing sent to me. I hate shopping for clothes!

  56. Found this article two days ago and immediately saved the image of the 50 items. I’m starting my world trip in novemberwhich will last a whole year so this is exactly what I need! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  57. Wow that is a lot of clothes for one person!

    1. Have you counted how many items are in your closet for all 4 seasons? I think the number may surprise you.

  58. Natalie

    i like the idea of a simple closet. I am just wondering why a person would choose to create a minimalist wardrobe?

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  60. OMG! I love this post! Saving it for reference!!!


  61. Shannon

    i love this combo!!! Unfortunately I’m a dud when it comes to fashion, I work/live in scrubs so a minimal wardrobe like this would be great! I would however love to see what kinds on outfits can be made with this?? Thanks!!!

  62. Elizabetty

    This is so funny. Minimalist?!?! I see nothing minimalist about this closet. They are cute clothes, but I see 25 things right off that could easily be removed – jackets, shoes, sunglasses, hats, pants, tops……no, not minimalist.

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  64. Colette l’Amy

    Wow. As a minimalist, this is so much clothing. I think I own about 30 pieces but for those wanting to pare down, maybe try a packing party where you box up everything and then take it out as you need it. After a set amount of time, get rid of everything you haven’t worn. Ta-da! Instant minimalist wardrobe where you actually wear everything and (hopefully) like everything.

    1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. ???? I think I chose 50 because it’s not as ‘scary’ for people who aren’t minimalists.

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  67. I’m huge fan of Cuyana and Everlane. Your items are immaculate. Love everything!

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  69. Would love to see you do the same concept but for a male wardrobe! X

  70. Thanks very much for this – found this on pinterest. We are moving from the Caribbean to Canada so I’ll need to wear proper clothing rather than rotating a few cotton dresses (and shoes instead of flipflops – that will take some getting used to!) for the first time in many years. I found this really helpful in listing what I’ll need to buy in building a functional year-round wardrobe without wasting a lot of money on stuff I don’t really need or have space for! I’m going to use it as a template to create a descriptive list of tops/bottoms,/coats/shoes/workout gear, etc so I can build it around different styles, I’m sort of classic/whimsical/bohemian in style.

    1. Thanks! And congrats on the move. Where abouts in Canada are you moving to? I’d imagine most parts of Canada are cooler than this list.

  71. Rina Jacobson

    Love all of these! Miserable fail for me…I have 50 pieces just of swimwear alone LOL.

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  73. I love the picture of the white closet with soft pink neutrals in it! So dreamy! Are those your clothes? You seem to have very nice items in there!

    1. On the pinboard? If you click on the pin/link it will take you to the source. 🙂

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  75. Hiraane

    Started my journey towards minimalism as well! Managed to reduce down to 61 pieces of clothing which is at least 5 to 6 times smaller than what I had during June last year!

    1. Great job! 🙂

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  77. I have (give or take if I miscounted) 48 items for the whole year- including my workout clothing and jewelry. I don’t have any “professional clothing” or uniforms though. I was inspired by project 333 but 132 items total is way more than I need! Maybe if I include socks and underwear I’d have like… 70 items. I used to be a hoarder especially when it came to clothes, so there were probably a lot of times I owned close to a thousand wearable things. I shudder in horror when I look back on it! Minimalism really has changed my life for the better.

    1. That’s a great number! I used to have a lot more clothes too, I was so overwhelmed. I’m glad I toned it down and haven’t looked back. 🙂

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