Aug 04, 2014

Travel Inspired Back To School


1. Airplane Paper Clips / 2. Travel Postcards / 3. Pocket Notebooks / 4. Travel Washi Tape / 5. USB Plane Fan / 6. New York Eraser / 7. San Francisco Eraser / 8. Bon Voyage Journal / 9. How To Be An Explorer Of The World / 10. Decomposition Notebook / 11. Glow-in-the-Dark One World Tee / 12. Airplane Backpack / 13. Plane Pencil Case / 14. Vintage Pencil Set / 15. Custom Globe

These back-to-school goodies will give your little one (or you!) the spirit of adventure year-round.

01. Airplane Paper Clips / Super cool, I used them on my business cards for BlogHer 2014.
02. Travel Postcards / I like that they can customize them with stickers and location.
03. Pocket Notebooks / Perfect for keeping notes about future trips or gifting to new friends.
04. Travel Washi Tape / Whimsical nod to your adventures abroad.
05. USB Plane Fan / Maybe a little too cool for school, mom or dad might snag it.
06. New York Eraser / This Big Apple treat is perfect for school on the east coast.
07. San Francisco Eraser / The City By The Bay treat is perfect for the west coasters.
08. Bon Voyage Journal / For recalling their adventures outside of school.
09. How To Be An Explorer Of The World / Keep their minds engaged on more than studies.
10. Decomposition Notebook / A nicely designed ode to vintage travel.
11. Glow-in-the-Dark One World Tee /  Love the glow-in-the-dark touch, ordering one, stat!
12. Airplane Backpack / A perfect nod to trips in the off season. Makes a nice personal item, too.
13. Plane Pencil Case / Matching pencil case for number 12. Pack your art supplies in it, too!
14. Vintage Pencil Set / The cutest pencils and case.
15. Custom Globe / One of my favorites. I think I need one in my office.

What are some of your back-to-school must haves?

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That globe is beautiful! I also really love the blue/planes theme going on with the backpack and pouch!

oh I love Back to School so much… only for the awesome supplie, though 😉 Cute share! 🙂

These are all super cute travel inspired items! I’m loving the travel washi tape!

Oh how cute. My daughter would love the globe. She loves globes.

Those are adorable! And I can’t believe it’s already time to go back to school! Where did the summer go??

Oh my gosh these are so cute! Some of the classroom supplies I will have to get for my class to bribe them into being good! #TeacherProblems

love your picks! Riffle is one of my favorites for cards/stationary! 🙂

That globe! I have an old globe. Wonder if I could get it to look like that?!?

I can’t believe it’s Back to school already I love notebooks so much.

I want the 8 & 9 notebooks, so cute! Love everything!

Those are the most darling things. I wish I had a reason to buy them all because I am obsessed. Great finds!

How fun! I want these all for myself!

Totally love the bon voyage notebook, so cute!

The globe here is my favorite. I love back to school shopping,, as long as I have the money!

I wish I was going back to school, just so I could justify buying some of this. Travel is an amazing gift. The world has so much to teach us.

Love all of these ideas! Especially the globe – I have ALWAYS wanted a globe!!

I’m really loving the globe! That’s just too cute!! And, my son would LOVE the backpack! <3

These are so cute. I love all the ideas, it makes me miss going back to school. Lol… never thought I would say that. Lol. Great post!

SO cute!! I always loved shopping for back to school items! Now I cant wait to have kids and do back to school shopping again 🙂 Although, it probably is less fun when you’re the person buying everything haha!

These are such fun items. Kids and adults would like some of those supplies!

So cool! I specially love the t shirt and globe

ahh! these are so cute! i want them all for myself! 🙂

I love that blue backpack, is Aiden going to be getting one of those? I’m into globes and all but what if you wanted to use it and it has a decal sticker on it? Lol 🙁

No, his is all black this year. The globes are vintage and hand decorated, so they aren’t actually for use.

I miss back to school stuff. I was telling my fiance last night I want to buy school supplies hehehe

I’m totally guilty of owning a few of these things, lol! 😀

These are so cute! Although I don’t have a little traveler to send off to school, I might just have to go out and buy myself some of these items. I particularly love the vintage pencil set and place USB xx

The What’s In Between

I think the USB would come in handy for the summer weather.

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