Travel Inspired Valentines Day Gifts

Stylish Gifts for the Valentines Day Traveler

1. Lipstick Charger – Light and Compact. Includes micro-USB and USB.
2. 14K Heart Necklace – To carry your heart with them wherever they go.
3. Travel Jewelry Box – I use mine for more than just jewelry.
4. Heart 18K Gold Ring – Simple and delicate, beautifully understated.
5. Rose Gold Headphones – Perfect for the traveling music lover.
6. Retro Rose Sunnies – Playful for Spring Break travels.
7. Pashli Backpack – Great Spring carryall or backpack.
8. Heart Pajamas – Shorts instead of pants take up less space.
9. Silicon Luggage Tag – Stand out in a sea of baggage.
10. Heart Trinket Bowls – For keeping worldy treasures.
11. Sending Love Card – Sending Love From.. fill in your location.
12. Instax Mini 8 Camera – To make memories more tangible.
13. Reversible Faux Leather Tote – Reverses from light pink to tan.
14. I Love You Card – I love you, I love you, I love you.
15. Coral Duffel Bag – Perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.
16. Bright Passport Holder – Easy to spot without searching.
17. Studded Messenger Bag – Spice things up a bit with this one.
18. Large Rolling Duffel – It also folds for easy storage.
19. Bike Print Socks – Reminds me of Copenhagen.
20. Reversible Leather Sack – Black reverses to red.

Valentines Day is coming up, and while I prefer to show my love throughout the year, I think a well-thought-out gift is always appreciated. I think my favorite from this list is the dainty heart ring in number four because it’s so minimal.

Do you exchange gifts for Valentines Day? Would you like to receive any of the gifts from above?

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Responses to “Travel Inspired Valentines Day Gifts”

  1. Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday. I love all of these picks! I would be so overjoyed to receive any of these sweet gifts, but I think the PJ set, the faux leather tote, and the nesting trinket bowls are my favorites. I think I might have to buy some Valentine’s Day treats for myself from this wonderful list…:)

    The What’s In Between

    1. Great picks! I do love that tote too. The one thing I really dislike about Valentines day is that all of the flowers get so expensive. 🙁

  2. I have a Kate Spade passport holder similar to #16, but in turquoise. 🙂

    1. Nice! I had one for a long while but it was such a pain to take out when I needed it.

  3. That heart shaped ring! <3

    1. I thought you would like it. 🙂

  4. Yes! I do gifts, and yes, I’d like them all, especially that black pouch bag!

    1. I can totally see you with that bag. I did get Steve something small this year but I don’t think he expects anything.

  5. I’ve been dying for that camera! I want one so bad…

    1. Isn’t it so adorable? I really want one too but deep down I feel like the excitement might wear off after awhile.

  6. I absolutely love the card- #11. My parents could totally see themselves getting that from me!

  7. I love all the colours. Especially the pink sunglasses. They are too fabulous. I am in love with the MK lipstick charger however. That is just genius and the design is beautiful!

    Katie <3

  8. I absolutely love items 12 & 13. Also, I found a Kate Spade wallet at TJ Maxx in the same style as the passport holder for a mere $20. I ended up passing it up because the last thing I need is another wallet. It was very cute, though.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  9. i love that ring and lipstick charger! 🙂 i kinda wish the heart was smaller and even daintier haha

    we don’t exchange any gifts.. but we definitely like to eat at a nice place.. preferably the week before or after so we don’t deal with the crowds or prix fixe menus.

  10. Number 2,4 and 20 are my favorites! This year we are saving for a house, so, no V-Day gifts will be exchanged. But it’s still fun to window shop!!

  11. I love this gift guide! Just love it 🙂

    The Petite Diaries

  12. I am looking for a new passport holder, thanks for sharing this bright Kate Spade one!

  13. Cute! Love the cards and the socks!

  14. I have seen the instax camera on so many Valentine’s day gift guides and I really want one! They are the perfect item to have in your bag to instantly capture a moment and have it in your hand. I also really love those heart pajamas, long sleeve top and short bottoms are the perfect compromise for keeping cosy.

  15. I love everything. Especially the rose gold headphones :]

  16. I love how you arranged them in color order from light pink to red – so gorgeous! Pink and red are my favorite colors so I love Valentine’s Day and I pretty much want everything in your guide!

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