Sep 26, 2012

Travel Light: 10 Days on the Island of Kauai

There really are no photos that do the Hawaiian island of Kauai justice. You really need to see it for yourself. Kauai holds a place very near and dear to my heart as our first visit was for part of our honeymoon in 2009. We returned again on a family trip in 2010. I’ve been yearning to go again, so hopefully sometime soon we will be able to.

Travel Light: Pack for 10 days on the island of Kauai.

1. TopShop / 2. Intermix (similar) / 3. Michael Kors / 4. Michael Kors / 5. J.Crew / 6. Fulton / 7. TopShop / 8. TopShop (Top/Bottom) / 9. J.Crew / 10. Diane Von Furstenberg / 11. Uniqlo / 12. J.Crew / 13. Oliver Theyskens / 14. Aaiko /  15. J.Crew / 16. River Island / 17. Oasis / 18. J.Crew / 19. Loeffler Randall / 20. Shoe Mint

Day 1. Comfy dress, taking valuables on board with you, etc, etc.

Day 2. Out and about, doing a little exploring.

Day 3. Relaxing day. Nice dinner?

Day 4. Helicopter ride.

Day 5. Ziplining? Hiking? Driving to Kalalau lookout in Waimea canyon? Something adventurous. The dirt in Kauai is red, so you won’t mess these shorts up!

Day 6. Head to Lumahai beach. It’s our favorite.

Day 7. More sight-seeing. Spouting horn is worth a quick stop.

Day 8. Another adventure.

Day 9. Spend your last day on the beach soaking up the beauty of Kauai.

Day 10. Fly home comfortably. You might be more cold on the flight home because you’ll be used to the warm Kauai weather.


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I love this mix up. Leaves plenty of room to bring home souvineers if need be.

I will bookmark and come back before my trip!

I love your style.

Well, I do not know if that is going to work for me, I like to have lots of options. Excellent post!

Oh, Kauai.

FYI I’d probably ruin all these outfits if I were in Kauai! Secret beach was a hell of a time getting to especially after it rained. Mud and dirt everywhere! And that red earth! My shoes are still tinted! Haha

Wow, Kauai looks beautiful! I love how simple and effortless some of these outfits are. I bet that you could pair more outits together too if need be.

Omggg I love this post! The only thing I’d add is runners (flip flops on adventures just don’t work for me). And that Intermix hat!? I NEED IT. Like, now!

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