Sep 04, 2014

Pack for 10 Days in Lake Tahoe

1. Mountains Sweatshirt (similar “Every Body is a Poem”) / 2. Carre Bleu Nail Polish (similar Kings & Thieves by Smith & Cult)/ 3. Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen / 4. Wide Brim Hat / 5. Floating Pretzel / 6. Relaxed Cardigan / 7. Gingham Shirt / 8. Silk Top / 9. Neutral Tee / 10. Striped Tank / 11. White Tunic / 12. Gingham Swimsuit / 13. Scalloped Bikini (in navy too!) / 14. Boyfriend Cropped Denim / 15. Khaki Shorts (similar) / 16. Denim Shorts (similar) / 17. Slide on Sandals / 18. Tennis Shoes / 19. Earrings / 20. Rose Sunglasses / 21. Flapped Backpack

Summer always seems like a wonderful time to enjoy lakes and mountain adventures. If you haven’t been reading, we just returned from a trip to South Lake Tahoe, California so I’ve based this packing list on our personal experience there. In all honesty, this could really work for any mountainous or lake trip. We spent some time at the beach and some time doing some fun hikes so we didn’t need any serious gear.

Day 1 Arrive
Day 2 Light Hiking

Day 3 Explore
Day 4 Zephyr Cove beach day
travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-3 travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-4

Day 5 S’Mores
Day 6 Relaxin’
travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-5 travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-6

Day 7 Tahoe Queen Lake Tour
Day 8 Paddle boarding at Sand Harbor
travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-7 travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-8

Day 9 Shopping
Day 10 Depart
travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-9 travel-light-lake-tahoe-day-10


What are your must-haves for camping in the mountains or a lakeside adventure?

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[…] 1. Mountains Sweatshirt / 2. Carre Bleu Nail Polish / 3. Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen / 4. Wide Brim Hat / 5. Floating Pretzel / 6. Relaxed Cardigan / 7. Gingham Shirt / 8. Silk Top / 9. Neutral Tee / 10. Striped Tank / 11. White Tunic / 12. Gingham Swimsuit / 13. Scalloped Bikini (in navyRead More Image source […]

Those distressed boyfriend jeans are the BEST ! I am not an outdoors/hiking person, but these outfits can easiy be worn for casual errand runs in the city or elsewhere.

Thrifting Diva

Love all these outfits! Sounds like you had a fun trip!

These are some great items and I love the way you made the graphics

The floating pretzel is way too cute. My kids would love.

So many nice things!! Love it.

I sooooo love this post! I’m always try to achieve this perfectly L.L. Bean look!! Pinning!!!!!

Love your travel light series! I want literally everything there.

I find it so difficult to travel light, love your ideas.

Great choices and outfits! I bet you guys were one of the more stylish visitors to the lake. 🙂 (I love going up there as well.) I love the pretzel – one of my friends has one, and it’s her fav photo prop. The scalloped swimsuit is super-cute too!


What a great packing list! I absolutely love that black scalloped bikini!

I am seriously obsessed with that pretzel.
And I’m loving that hoodie.

Great stuff. I love the shade of nail polish.

That floating pretzel is awesome! I haven’t gone camping in years. Great outfit guide 😀

These are all such great ideas to bring along. There isn’t much I could add to your list!

I love that floating pretzel, lol! I also have a pair of cute stud earrings I use for travel. Easy to keep track of and look great with everything. 🙂

These are all great outfits! For something like this, I definitely think it’s a great idea to bring pieces of clothing that you can use in a couple different items, if you have the option of washing them somehow, of course.

I love all of these outfits!! This is great because I always over pack!!

i LOVE that birkenstocks are a thing again. I wore the heck out of them when I was growing up and I still think they’re cute and comfy

I loved your outfit choices. I have been to LA, San Francisco (was born there) Sacramento, Stockton, San Diego but never been to Lake Tahoe it looks so beautiful! I love that wide brim hat!

Those are great outfits! You have awesome style 🙂

this is such a great series! 🙂 i’ve been looking for another wide brim hat too.

I love the pretzel floatie! Where are the original cut-offs in the picture from?

Hahaha, that floating pretzel is awesome! I love the outfits you chose for this trip. They are perfect for Lake Tahoe. I want to go there soon!

Yes, I will take one of each! 😉 I am so in love with your style.

I love Lake Tahoe! I have a good friend who lives there. I haven’t visited in years, but I need to go back. I think that scalloped edge bikini is the cutest!!

It’s my favorite too! You should def. visit. We hadn’t been during summer since we were kids.

For me, it’s definitely all about the sunscreen, but I’ll take that blow up pretzel too! 😉

I have that Herschels backpack, so handy for travelling!

Katrina Sophia

IKR, they’re one of my favs! My son has one for school and the padding is great.

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