Pack for 10 Days in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California SunsetTravel Light - Los Angeles, California
1. Striped Swimsuit / 2. Black Swimsuit / 3. Sand Scarf / 4. Circle Ring / 5. Sunglasses / 6. Black Blazer / 7. Blue Button Down / 8. Striped Top / 9. Pink Sweater / 10. Black V-Neck / 11. Gray Sleeveless / 12. Split Dress / 13. Dark Denim / 14. White Jeans / 15. Black Dress (non-maternity too!) / 16. Denim Shorts / 17. Olive Tank Dress / 18. Weekender / 19. Spotted D’Orsay Flats / 20. Black Espadrille Sneakers

I wanted to do something a little different this time and do a “babymoon” (or maternity) themed Travel Light post. The destination is Los Angeles, California which is quite nice year-round when it comes to the weather. I included outfits that will be suitable for a work day, as well as ones for the beach or other fun activities. I think you can also make more than 10 outfits out of these clothes if you need to since they all mix well together. We went on our babymoon to Carmel, California in February of 2012 so I sort of channeled that vibe when I came up with this Travel Light post.

Day 1 Travel Day
Day 2 Work


Day 3 Santa Monica Pier
Day 4 Beach Triptravel-light-los-angeles-california-day-3

Day 5 Shopping
Day 6 Downtown Lunchtravel-light-los-angeles-california-day-5

Day 7 Catalina Island
Day 8 Worktravel-light-los-angeles-california-day-7

Day 9 Last-minute pool time
Day 10 Work Meeting, then heading

Santa Monica Pier, California
Santa Monica Pier photo copyright Justin Mier
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  1. Next time I leave for Canada, I’d appreciate your help in making outfits for me. hehehehe

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