Mar 13, 2014

Changing Pace / Los Cabos, Mexico

team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-1 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-2 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-3 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-4 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-5 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-6 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-7 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-8 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-9 team-wiking-sjd-to-sjc-10 There is always a transition that occurs when one of our adventures is over. The trip to the airport usually starts the transition back into day-to-day life for us. There is still some whimsy present like the residual beach sand, trying to hitch a ride through customs, or perhaps some local snacks for the trip. A seriousness sets in as we prepare for our flight. We are usually busy running around collecting last minute souvenirs and grabbing one final meal before we head to our gate. By the time we actually arrive home we are usually ready to get back into “real life” again. If you entered my This is San Francisco giveaway, I’ve chosen the winner! Congratulations to Stephany!

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Omg Soren and Aiden are standing exactly the same, staring out at that window. <3

I am a sucker for window-silhouette photos! 😀

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