Travel Light, Pack for Tulum

What to Pack for 10 Days in Tulum in a Carry On

1. Sun Hat / 2. Light Wrap / 3. Sunglasses / 4. Bracelet / 5. Bright Lipstick / 6. Swimsuit / 7. Swimsuit / 8. Neutral Top / 9. Silk Tee / 10. Layered Tank / 11. Maxi Dress / 12. Kaftan Dress / 13. Gauze Skirt / 14. Striped Shorts / 15. White Shorts / 16. Cover-Up / 17. Slip Ons (similar) / 18. Tan Sandals / 19. Metallic Clutch / 20. Straw Tote

Dreaming of Tulum, Mexico and it’s beautiful white beaches today for my Travel Light post. I’ve shared what I’d pack for Tulum, you can shop above and below. Have you been? What would you pack?

An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight An outfit for #Tulum, Mexico #TravelLight


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Responses to “Travel Light, Pack for Tulum”

  1. These are a looking very sweet!
    Have fun in Tulum! Can’t wait for my dose of sunshine too!

  2. Great finds! We absolutely LOVED Tulum, enjoy!! I think I need that palm tree suit!!
    CS Gems

    1. Thanks, I think I need it too. 🙂

  3. Love your outfit layouts! Perfect combinations. I always overpack.

  4. loving the mix and match. so obsessed with the mara hoffman suit. Having it at my house right now is SO HARD! Have a great time!!
    xoxo Amanda

  5. What a lovely post. I really like the organization & placement of everything. You are quite talented when it comes to blogging & making everything look perfect. Love it so much! xx

  6. Have fun! We’re planning a getaway for this winter- yay!


    Amanda ||

  7. Such a beautiful post! Was just in Tulum last month – it was gorgeous! Sportsanista

    1. I really want to go! We haven’t been to Mexico in awhile.

  8. those beaches look amazing. i want to come to Tulum!!!!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  9. i have been there and would have loved these choices in my suitcase!

    1. Good to know! 🙂

  10. What fabulous picks and great outfit inspiration! I love that light wrap and that suit is to die for!!

    xo, Christina

    Fitness & Frills

  11. Can I have one of each of these please?!? Especially that palm print suit! ????

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