Jun 05, 2015

Wunderlich Park in Woodside

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One of our favorite past times is to go hiking, and one of our favorite places is Wunderlich Park in Woodside, California. It’s not always easy for me to track my workouts while on the go, so I’ve partnered with the UP MOVE by Jawbone to help me out. The hiking trails at Wunderlich are full of beautiful redwoods, and all that grows below them. My favorite are always the moss and ferns, but the boys found a banana slug for the first time on this hike. They look so gross but really are kind of cool. We never quite make a full loop on any of the trails so we hike as far as we want, then hike back down. Søren actually fell asleep while Steve carried him down from our hike.

Using the UP app, I can keep track of my fitness, nutrition, and sleep habits.  There is a Smart Coach feature that gives you personalized recommendations for improving your health. I’ve been wearing the tracker for the last few weeks and I really like the freedom it gives me via a wrist band or clip on device (perfect for hands free tracking). Seeing actual numbers in front of me, and receiving tips from the smart coach feature have prompted me to take better care of myself. With the active lifestyle we lead, it makes me so happy that I can inspire healthy habits in my family while spending quality time together.

How do you usually keep track of your healthy and fitness on the go?


This post was sponsored by the UP MOVE by Jawbone. All opinions, text, and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make life here at Team Wiking a little sweeter.

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Your pictures are amazing…

[…] I love that I can glance at it to see where my step count is. It isn’t as advanced as other fitness trackers I’ve had as far as activities, but it does enough for what I want to do. Don’t worry, […]

These pics are so pretty. I like how the light is coming through the trees.

what a magical place!! have this near you makes me question why i live in NYC……

xoxo, Elena Michelle

what a glorious day! i love finding wonderful spots and parks.

This app sounds amazing. And that scenery is breathtaking!

Such a cool app! Will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photographs – as always 🙂

À LA PLAGE style

O my goodness those photos are stunning! What a lovely place to hike! And great app recommendation!

xo, Christina

Fitness & Frills

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are fantastic! Those trees!!! What a beautiful place to hike.

LOVE these pics, they are so beautiful! I don’t travel much, so I just go to the gym.

What a beautiful place, that light is magical. I usually just use the gym when I travel but wearing one of these would be great for keeping track everyday.

It is, I love how it comes through the trees!

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