Winter Wishlist & After Christmas Sales

My Winter 2015 wishlist, featuring Everlane, Vitruvi, Withings, Hairo, Cuyana, Herbivore, Marie Kondo, and Little River Sock Mill

1. The Cashmere Scarf by Everlane (sale!)/ 2. Vitruvi Focus Aromatherapy Oil / 3. Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch / 4. The Weekly Times Desk Notepad / 5. Hario Coffee Measuring Spoon / 6. Cuyana Dolman Silk Shirt / 7. Herbivore Pink Clay Mask / 8. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo / 9. Little River Sock Mill Souch Socks (sale!) / 10. Cuyana Leather Travel Wallet

It seems like only yesterday I shared my Fall wishlist with you.  The seasons are so finicky in California but with temperatures dropping into freezing in most areas, I can definitely say we’ve hit Winter. I snatched up a couple of items from my last wishlist and I also picked these gray jeans (50% off!) up recently and love the style and fit. I’ve been really into gray hues lately, which pairs perfectly with my beloved black wardrobe palette.

1. Cashmere Scarf by Everlane
I don’t have a warm and thick scarf, and although I used one during my trip to Boston last Winter, it wasn’t quite warm enough. Temperatures here have been colder than usual, and this would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit!

2. Vitruvi Focus Aromatherapy Oil
I have to admit that I haven’t taken a step in the essential oils direction, but I love that this is called focus, and I’m a sucker for good branding.

3. Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch
So this isn’t actually on my wishlist (because I scored it during an Amazon flash deal!), but it should definitely be on yours. Not only do I absolutely love that it looks like a real watch (it’s waterproof too!), I love that I can glance at it to see where my step count is. It isn’t as advanced as other fitness trackers I’ve had as far as activities, but it does enough for what I want to do. Don’t worry, if you love color more than I do you can easily swap your band to their more colorful set.

4. The Weekly Times Desk Notepad
This is another item I already own, but I think it’s wonderful for keeping track of my to-do items throughout the week. I normally use my google calendar, but it fills up so quickly that it’s a pain to actually see appointments. Plus I have this sense of fulfillment that comes from physically crossing something off a list.

5. Hario Coffee Measuring Spoon
In the mornings when I make my coffee, I am a little embarrassed to say that I don’t measure it. I pop the lid off of the canister and pour “as much as I need” into my cone. It works for now but I’d love to have a proper coffee measuring spoon, especially one that is as beautiful as this!

6. Cuyana Dolman Silk Shirt
Ahh, silk! I’m always fall for a nice silk and not only is Cuyana’s a nice heavy weight, the cut of this shirt is beautiful. Silk travels light and is easily washed (some are washable) on the go.

7. Herbivore Pink Clay Mask
After a go with Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, I’ve been looking for other more natural masks to try. I’m dying to try this one from Herbivore because my skin is still freaking out about the dry Winter weather.

8. Spark Joy by Marie Kondo
Awhile back I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and have since started to tidy my entire life up. I’ve been taking my time because I didn’t have a lot to devote to it during the holidays, but now that those are in the past I’m looking forward to putting more into practice. This is her new book and I can’t wait to dive into it as well.

9. Little River Sock Mill Souch Socks
Don’t these look cozy? I imagine wearing them around the house with my slippers or tucked into some wintery boots while on-the-go.

10. Cuyana Leather Travel Wallet
I’m always on the lookout for a good sized travel wallet with all the right compartments. Not only is this a color that I don’t have, it’s got all the right pockets to go along with it. Now I just need to make more travel plans to go along with it, ha!

A few of my favorite stores are having after Christmas sales, so I thought I’d share a couple of my favorites with you:

Offering free 2-hour delivery with their Prime Now app. Also featuring some great year-end deals and daily discounts.

Choose your own price sale. Not only do I love Everlane for their feel good aesthetic, but this sale is genius! The prices are tiered and explain exactly what you’re paying for at each level. One of your favorite items is this Long Sleeve Linen Tee. Sadly it’s not on sale, but it’s an affordable price all year long.

40% off through January 4th with the code, “youwin”. I love this Madewell & Biltmore hat.

Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale through January 3rd. Prices up to 50% off.

My go-to for slower fashion, Zady shares the story behind each item. Sale prices around 25% off.

Happy Winter!

My Winter 2015 wishlist, featuring Everlane, Vitruvi, Withings, Hario, Cuyana, Herbivore, Marie Kondo, and Little River Sock Mill

What is your favorite item? Do you have anything special on your Winter wishlist this year?

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  1. I suddenly need all of these things! Now! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I just ordered some of the Herbivore stuff, super excited!

  2. Ooh, I didn’t know she had a new book out!

  3. Great list and sales for post-holiday shopping! Need everything on this list…

    Cameron Proffitt

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