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I don’t have experience everywhere in the world traveling on a train, but what experience I do have can probably be applied everywhere. We used trains as our only mode of transportation while in Denmark. They were incredibly easy and the kids had a great time looking out the windows or interacting with other passengers on the train. They even had special areas of cars, or even whole train cars that were stroller friendly so that we could just walk right on without the hassle of trying to fold a stroller.


If you are traveling long distance on a train the regulations are similar to airplanes. You have a baggage allowance and typically strollers and carseats are not a part of it. They are stowed away near the entrance to your train car or with the rest of the luggage. Trains are always nice for long distances because you can get up and move around with your little ones instead of obeying a “Fasten Seatbelt” sign. Trips to the picture cars, dining cars, interacting with other passengers will most likely keep them entertained for most of the ride.



  • You don’t need a carseat on trains as they do not have seat belts or latch anchors but you may need one when you reach your destination (taxi/etc).
  • You can stow your carseat on a train when boarding and it will not count towards your luggage allowance (double check this).
  • It is safest to wear your baby/toddler in a front facing carrier so that your hands are free to balance yourself.


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  1. I think this is a great idea for a day trip. We’ll have to consider this for our next family vacation.

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