Nov 11, 2017

Wearing Summer Fashion in Fall

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Above: Prada Timeless Sunglasses, Mejuri Pisces Zodiac Necklace (c/o), Open Cashmere Cardigan, Black Silk Slip Dress, Classic Leather Zipper Tote, Alexander Wang Gabi Booties

Living in California my whole life has definitely spoiled me with a late fall season. Often the temperatures will begin to cool at night first, so there can be as much as 40 degree difference in a single day as the transition between seasons occurs. Since I keep a year-round minimal wardrobe, I like to be able to take my favorite items with me when the weather changes. Today I’m sharing some of my best tips for extending the life of your summer favorites into fall.

1. Dress in layers.
The easiest way to extend your warm weather clothing into cooler weather is to dress in layers like I did in the featured outfit. I’m wearing my favorite summer slip dress but I’ve paired it with a warmer sweater to help take it into fall.

2. Switch to winter shoes.
Put your sandals in a safe place until next summer and switch to warmer shoes like boots and sneakers for the fall season. Instead of wearing my usual sandals with the dress above, I swapped them out for a favorite pair of booties.

3. Think outside the box.
Traveling frequently in places with varying temperatures has forced me to think outside the box a little more than usual. One of my favorite ways to do this is to wear a one-piece swimsuit like a bodysuit.

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Do you wear your summer favorites in fall? Which pieces are your favorite to wear between seasons?

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That black dress is awesome, where is it from?

It’s this dress from Cuyana. I love the fabric quality and detailing.

You look great! Dressing in layers is a must in Canada. Comfy is what I go for so if I can get away with some summer outfits in the winter I for sure will!

Wow that is a pretty good selection fo summer fashion to wear in the fall season. Glad you shared, I will be looking into some of these options for sure 🙂 I need a fashion makeover!

I am all about wearing layers! I am also a fan of leggings with comfy sweaters and boots!

Im a huge fan of wearing certain things all seasons. Living in Texas its quite easy to wear summer in the fall.

Yessss, my sister lives in Texas so I’m quite familiar with your “fun” weather, haha.

Even in the winter I find myself over heated a lot of the time so I dress in layers as well. It is a great way to continue to wear my favorite items but during a different season. The layers help when I need to cool off too

I love this idea! I have some staples summer pieces that I think I could transition with the right sweater and boots! Thanks for the great idea. I would have never given it a though until I saw this! Great way to stretch your wardrobe and budget.

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