Oct 16, 2014

Week 41, Changing Spaces

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This last week has been a complete blur of time and space, literally. I’m mixing days up and we are playing musical rooms in our house. Aiden will turn 11 soon and has been having a hard time getting time to himself. Søren loves Aiden so much and lives to be in his shadow. It’s the most beautiful thing to see them bond and to watch Søren look up to Aiden as a role model and big brother. At the same time they are 8.5 years apart and it’s not allowing Aiden his own personal space to grow up. For his birthday we are giving him his own room, which will also function as the guest room when we have visitors (Hi Mom!).

We are about halfway through this transition:
The boy’s shared room becomes our master bedroom again. 
Our current bedroom becomes Aiden and Søren’s room.
The current office moves to the master bedroom closet to become the closet office, or cloffice.
We will share closets with the boys or utilize the hall closet better.
The old office space becomes Søren’s room.
Aiden’s room becomes his own.

Got it? I’m hoping this will be a better use of space for us, something I’m always evaluating in our not-so-large space.

A portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2014. To see the whole series, click here.

Did you share a room with your sibling(s) growing up? Do your kids share? How did/does it work out for your family?

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[…] our big room switch, I never got around to actually finishing his room. I had a plan that was a little more grown up, […]

Ick, nothing worse than moving, even just within your house! Hope things get settled soon!

I never had to share a room with my siblings, I was the only girl so it wasn’t ever in the agenda I guess.

Yikes, musical rooms! That is great he is getting his own space. I think that at his age he surely needs it. I tried the cloffice idea once — FAIL! But wishing you better luck!

Thrifting Diva

Aww he must be so excited to get his own space! It seems like you guys are doing a lot of rearranging to do so and i’m sure he will be happy for it!

This sounds like a busy time! I had my own room growing up and once you hit a certain age, you really need some space to yourself. I bet both kids will totally love it once they get used to it. And on nights that they get lonely, there are always sleep overs!
The Accidental Mama

Great posts and your pictures are really beautiful!

I shared a room with my sister growing up and I always liked it. It was nice to have a buddy around so I wasn’t lonely

Totally get you with the musical rooms, we always seem to be rearranging here too. It’ll be great for Aiden to have his own space before those teenage years set in.

I love how you capture these moments. These are much more precious than portraits. 🙂

cloffice. love it. moving around is so tedious, but i love the feel of refreshing change! good luck!

I shared a room with my twin brother until we were out of cribs. My mom once put us in one room with twin beds for awhile but Connor complained that I kept him up all night talking to him. LOL. So I had my own room since I was really young. I think it was also the fact that I was a girl and she knew early on, I would need my own space.

But, I have a brother who is 9 years older than me. He despised that his siblings would be in his stuff. Rooting through his personal items. So when we moved again, my parents found a house with a 1st floor bedroom and that was Rian’s room!

Good luck on the transitions, it seems like it’s definitely for the best!

You gave up your master? That is pretty awesome! I would love to have a space that I could switch the rooms around, the way the architecture of our house is, that is not an easy task!

Wow, lots of switching up for you! Right now our littlest one is in his own room – but we want to move to a smaller house so they just might have to share in the future. We will see!

Lol Cloffice! I love the new combo word!

I remember changing spaces like this when I was growing up. It will be great for your sons to have their own rooms! Your pictures are precious, too.

Oh my gosh! Musical rooms is right! Good luck with all that moving around! It does sound like it’s going to be a good fit for you guys once it’s all said and done 😀

Love the new word cloffice lol. I shared my room with my sister and we 5 years apart. I loved it but I did want some space later on

We just did this in our house! It makes everything feel new (assuming the transitions/moves go smoothly, which luckily ours did!) Hope yours did too! 🙂

I never shared a room with my sibling but I could imagine that had I had a sister, it would have been really fun but also stressful!

rae of lovefromberlin

Oh my gosh, that really is musical rooms! Hopefully it’s not as difficult to do as it’s sounding!

I have 2 older brothers and when I was little I would hate having my own room so I would go into their rooms and sleep with them 🙂

That’s something I worry about too, the little one not wanting his own. And there’s now way we’re having more, hahaha.

My sisters share a room because they were closer in age. I was the oldest and had my own room. I’m sure your son will love having his own room

Don’t you LOVE changing things up? When I was a kid I was always rearranging my room – even moved into my closet once, leaving my huge bedroom. I thought it would be easier to clean! Anyway, beautiful photos and good luck with the change of spaces. And, have fun in Stockholm – one of my all time favorite places.

Sometimes. I’m not a fan of how much work has to go into huge changes. My husband does like to joke though that we have a “musical house” because things are always changing.

cloffice! haha…I’m sure Aiden will love having his own space…btw can’t believe he is turning 11!

He better, I’m workin’ hard on it! Haha.

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