Jul 13, 2015

What to Pack for Glamping

What to Pack for Glamping

1. Aromaflage Natural Insect Repellent / 2. Insect Repellent Candle / 3. Lanterns (or flashlights) / 4. Kettle / 5. Cast Iron Pot and Pan as Lid (and handle mitts) / 6. Table Cloth / 7. Coffee Mugs / 8. Plates & Bowls / 9. Fold Out Table

Now that you have an idea of what to wear while glamping, I’ve put together a list of what to pack for glamping, mostly sharing some of my favorites. Your packing list will vary depending on the amenities available at your glamping location, but others (insect repllent!) I bring either way. Our airstream actually ended up having most of the kitchen tools we needed, so I have to admit I overpacked a little on my part.

1. Aromaflage Natural Insect Repellent / This is all natural and smells great. Perfect for keeping the bugs at bay.
2. Insect Repellent Candle / This smells wonderful, is all natural, and keeps the pests away.
3. Lanterns (or flashlights) / Perfect for any late night walks. These are LED too so they won’t get warm.
4. Kettle / Use it to heat up water for coffee, hot chocolate, or tea!
5. Cast Iron Pot and Pan as Lid (and handle mitts) / I love how smart this pairing is. You can use separately or together.
6. Table Cloth / This print will help disguise any spills for the duration of your trip. Can also be hand-washed and dried overnight.
7. Coffee Mugs / Really we use these more as everything mugs. Hot chocolate, coffee, water, tea.
8. Plates & Bowls / These are both the perfect size, and super light for carrying.
9. Fold Out Table / This is my favorite item on the list, I have 4 of these and use them all the time. Parties, camping, dinner with guests, you name it!

I hope this helps you figure out what you  may need for your trip, obviously you might need a few other necessary items. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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This is my kind of camping! I love this series and your picks are perfect! Great post!

xo Rachel
To Hell In A Handbag

You take quite a bit of kitchen necessities for glamping, don’t you? I love it. You need glasses for wine and other delicious cocktails let’s be real. I have to admit that I normally wear insect repellent and don’t trust the candles because honestly, they never seem to work for me or whoever is around me. We still manage to get a ton of bug bites so either I’m lighting the candle in the wrong place OR I’m using the wrong candles but either way I find you brave for bringing candles along 😉 If I go glamping, I’m not actually going to be outside if you catch my drift. My idea of camping is being inside a nice resort looking out the window (LOL don’t judge me!) xx

Great post and the perfect packing list! I could have used this a few weeks ago 🙂


I have never seen such glamorous looking bug spray. Such a cute bottle! And if it works really well, that’s perfect! I have to admit – we never go camping! But your ideas for Glamping are the way to do it!

I’m so not a camper, but I think I could totally become a glamper!! LOVE this post. Very helpful if I ever get my glamp on!

xoxo, Christina

Fitness & Frills

I love that you did a Glamping edition!!!! Also the fact that you have a fancy candle. My friends used to make fun of me when we camped and exaggerate that I would make my tent look like a hotel room with candles lit, etc. LOL We’re on the same page girl!

That insect repellent is tres chic!

À LA PLAGE style

This is definitely my kind of camping! Love the bug repellent and candles!


Yep, if I’m going anywhere in the wild, it better be in style! Haha I don’t do well in the outdoors! Such great suggestions 🙂

Your picks are amaaaaze. If only I could be that put together when I camp!

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