Nov 01, 2016

What’s on my phone? My Favorite Apps for iPhone

Favorite Apps for iPhone, shared in various categories.

I’m on the go pretty often, which means I’m living from my cell phone often as well. Today I’m sharing some of my very favorite apps for iPhone, sorted by category.

Communication & Social

I don’t use a ton of social apps outside of the big 4, but these are helpful.

Free instagram planning and scheduling tool. Has neat drag-and-drop interface.

What’s App
I use this to communicate with a lot of my out-of-country pals. It’s slowly being replaced by facebook messenger.


Food, Health, & Shopping

Groceries from your favorite stores, delivered straight to your door by trusty shoppers. Get $10 off if you use my link.

Food delivered from your favorite restaurants, straight to your door. Get $7 off your first delivery.

I use this to track meals and calories. Syncs with my Withings app (see below).

Ok, so this is pet food, but we use this app with it’s matching auto feeder to feed our cat.

App syncs with my Withings Activité Steel fitness tracker to record activity, sleep, etc.


Games & Family

A very simple app that allows you to create bubbles by tapping or dragging your finger, then popping them as well.

Smash Hit
In this game you use your finger to tap, throwing metal balls at glass sculptures. Various objects get in your way, so you have to smash them. A hit for adults and kids alike.

Perfect community for finding a reliable and trustworthy sitter when you need one. I’ve found many favorites through this app! Get $35 off with my link.


Entertainment & Tech

App we use with our security cameras to keep an eye on the house.

Controls our music and speakers in the house.

Music, please.


Buying & Selling

Bye! Post your stuff and someone comes to get it. Users are vetted via facebook or google.

Buy and sell clothing in a fashionable community. Shop my closet here.

Prime Now
Right meow, Amazon!



Used to fly our drone while on the go. Read my post on drone photography here.

Eyefi Mobi
Connects my iPhone to my dSLR via the Eyefi card. Read my post about how to do this here.

Photo editing tool. I use this for every single one of my instagram photos, read about how I edit Instagram photos here.


Travel & Transportation

Google Translate
For obvious reasons. Be sure to download the language pack while you have access to wifi.

A private valet. They meet you at your destination and park your car in a contracted garage for you. You can have it washed, or topped-off with gas. When you’re ready, they bring it to you as well. Get $20 off with the code “JESSICA149”.

Maps Me
Like an offline google maps. Perfect for navigating outside of the country.

They will drive your car for you, like a DD or personal chauffeur. You can even have them take your car for service. Sign up here.

All of your information for your trip, in one easy-to-access place.

Though I know their downfalls, I use it more than other on-demand ride services. Get your first ride free with the code “h9p0h”.

Though I hate to have to use it, this app can be a lifesaver for navigating traffic-congested areas.

Scheduled rides to and from the airport, as well as between other places. Drivers are background-checked and vetted. Get $5 off with my link.

Do you have any favorite apps for your phone? I’d love to hear about any I’m missing out on!

Photo by Kate Skogen for Hej Doll.

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I haven’t had an IPhone in a few years. I almost considered going back but I didn’t. I have quite a few of these apps on my phone.

Smash Hit!! It is my fav. app too! 🙂 at first I thought it’ boring and just a simple appgame you usually do! tap tap tap! But this is a great one hahaha challenging for being slower to fastest! I think I always end at checkpoint number 5! Hahaha Love your apps girl. :*

I didn’t know how to use some of your favorite app, but I’m glad to know it. I’m gonna try it.

We use a lot of the same apps. I am a big Uber fan, and I do use Dropbox to sync photos to share on Instagram. I use Planoly for scheduling IG now, but I should try your suggestion!

Love this list of iPhone Apps! I use some of them already (LOVE MyFitnessPal & Dropbox) but many of them I didn’t know about. What is it about those mindless games that you just can’t stop. I’m totally addicted to Toy Blast right now!

I love learning about new and interesting iPhone apps. There are so many apps out there that it is overwhelming when you try to search for one. I love hearing about ones that work for others. I use many of these but there are many new ones I have never heard of.

SO glad you shared these. I didn’t even know some of these existed so I am definitely going to check these out.

Amanda ||

MyFitnessPal is a great app to help keep you accountable. I love how easy it is to have so many different apps on our phone and have everything we need at our fingertips. Right now I am obsessed with 2048 Plus – It is how I unwind at the end of the day.

Ooh Maps ME sounds really useful – I hate that if I’m out of range that I can’t access a map. At the minute I’m loving Calm, which is a meditation app.

– Natalie

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