White Tank Dress 3 Ways

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[dropcap2_large]I[/dropcap2_large]f earlier this year you told me that one of my favorite dresses this summer is going to be white, I wouldn’t believe you. Quite honestly I wouldn’t believe you if you told me much about anything this year, ha. Anyway, Everlane gifted me their gorgeous long weekend tank dress in canvas and today I’m sharing a few different ways to wear it this summer.

I chose the dress in a size extra small and it fits nicely. It’s not too form-fitting or too loose. The fabric is 100% cotton which is both easy to wash and wear. I chose it in the canvas color because I already have a black tank dress in my minimal wardrobe.

Beach Trip

Wearing: Janessa Leone Elena Hat, Illesteva Mirrored Leonard Glasses in Marmor, Everlane Long Weekend Tank Dress, Filt Mesh Bag in Black, Everlane 100% Human Silk Bandana in Black, and Everlane Day Crossover Sandals in Black.

I wore this look at home, but if you’re more adventurous than me right now you could wear it at the beach or to a pool. Anywhere casual and cute, really. The black is a nice contrast to the white and the mesh bag adds a nice texture to the look. If you’re eyeing the shoes you should go up at least half a size, the straps run a little narrow.

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Picnic in the Park

Wearing: Emerson Fry Coin Necklace, Everlane Silky Cotton Oversized Shirt, Everlane Long Weekend Tank Dress, The Strength in our Scars by Bianca Sparacino, Ikea Rattan Sunglasses Case circa 2015 (similar), and TKees Gemma Sandal in Cocoa Butter.

This look feels very picnic in the park to me, complete with a good read and a place to rest my sunnies. The sandals and rattan keep it neutral and the coin necklace adds a little pop of interest.

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Casual Errands

Wearing: Everlane Baseball Cap in Black, Illesteva Mirrored Leonard Glasses in Marmor, Everlane Long Weekend Tank Dress, Everlane Slim-Cotton Longsleeve Crew in Stripe, Everlane Mini Form Bag in Black, and Veja Esplar Sneakers in White.

With layers available, a crossbody bag, and shoes that are made for walking I’m ready to tackle that grocery store with the speed of an athlete and the energy of a tourist.

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Do you have a white dress that you like to wear often? What do you pair it with?
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  1. You are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post. I really like it. xoxo

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