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Above: bkr London Water Bottle, black 2lb dumbells, Slvrbk Yoga MatLululemon Free to Be Zen BraLululemon Wunder Under in Nulux, Nike Free RN Running Shoes.

It’s been a long time since you made those resolutions, are you still keeping up? If you are, great job! If not, why not try again? I’m sadly in the second boat, but am ready to give it another shot. Often times I find myself running between activities without a lot of downtime to adjust my outfit between them. Today I’m sharing some of my workout favorites, for a fail safe gym to anywhere outfit. Hopefully now I’ll have less excuses when it comes time to work on my health.


Given that I danced for most of my younger years, my favorite workout activity is any type of barre workout. I love the discipline and effectiveness of it, all while building lean muscle. My favorite to do at home is the Ballet Beautiful workout (conveniently available on Amazon!). I’m also a fan of running, but only when I’m in the right mood. That said, I tend to wear leggings when I workout and rely on only a small amount of basic gear.

London Water Bottle
I’ve had this water bottle for awhile now, and it’s one of my favorites. Aside from being small enough to drag most places, I love the clean taste of my water when I drink it.
2 Pound Dumbbells
The ballet workout that I do has a segment that includes lightweight dumbbells. These are my favorite and quite literally some of the only lightweight ones I could find that weren’t neon-colored, ha!
Slvrbk Mat
This yoga mat has been a favorite ever since I picked it up at the goop market last year. It’s thick and doesn’t coil after being rolled, perfect for the occasional use it gets, eek.

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Moving on to my favorite workout clothing… I love to wear stuff for workouts that transitions into day-to-day life easily. This simply means that although I might be sweaty after a workout, I don’t want to run to my next activity while wearing something that looks like a 1980’s aerobic suit. I definitely don’t have that problem with these items, simply pop on a favorite chambray shirt and you’re good to go.

Free To Be Zen Bra
This is a barely-there bra that offers light support, perfect for doing my barre workouts. If I need more support I also have a cross back bra similar to this one that I like to use. And if, heaven forbid, I am working out in public, I love a lightweight sleeveless tank like this one from Outdoor Voices because it lets me breathe and keeps me covered.
Wunder Under Pant
I used to be pretty skeptic of Lululemon’s greatness, that is, until I tried these pants. My favorite wunder unders are made with their nulux fabric, and they are so soft and comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them. The coverage is great and perfect for actually working out (or running around) in. For a more eco-friendly alternative made from recycled water bottles, you could try the girlfriend collective leggings. I have a pair and love them for their own reasons, but they are definitely cut from a thicker fabric.
Secret Socks
I’ve gone through quite a few different brands and styles of no-show socks and I think I’ve finally found a winner with these. Not only do they stay on, they don’t get uncomfortable after longer periods of time, and they are excellent breathers.
Free RN Running Shoe
I don’t really wear shoes when I do my barre workouts, but for running I really enjoy my Nike Free RN Running Shoes. They’re an easy transition to everyday clothing, and when paired with my Lululemon Secret Socks they are near invisible.

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What is your favorite workout? What are some of your favorite workout wear or gear items?

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Responses to “Favorite Workouts + Gear”

  1. Nice stuff and I love that bra. So sexy in the back. I don’t workout, but I’ve been wanting to do so and I want to try running too. Soon, perhaps. 🙂

  2. BKR is my fave and has been for a while. I love that it can hold up to a liter!
    LMents of Style

  3. Lisa Heath

    Love that Free To Be Zen Bra! It looks so comfy and I love the straps in the back

  4. I’ve danced pretty much my whole life so I can relate to that. I recently took a few barre classes and really enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing!

    @trendyinindy || trendyinindy.com

  5. Love all of it! Now I need to go to gym!

  6. I love the cute workout gear you suggested. So cute!! I love Lulu Lemon workout capris!!

  7. Not much of a resolution girl because I break them too much pressure. I do have workout and losing weight goals and I love these clothes looks comfy to work out in.

  8. Courtney

    I’m needing some new workout gear! Love all your selections especially that cool water bottle!

    Courtney http://www.whatcourtwore.com

  9. I love it all, especially those Nike’s! I definitely fell off the bandwagon and need to get back on because, Summer! Barre is als my favorite for the same reason, former dancer 🙂

    xo Rachel – http://tohellinahandbag.net

  10. Loving all this work out gear, especially those leggings!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  11. Nice post. it is a useful post. This is a perfect blog for every one who wants to know about workout clothing .I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post. Thanks for sharing this information.

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