12 thoughts on “Week 19, Park Life

    1. Thanks! Ha, I was waiting for him to come down the right way and then he came down like that and I was almost laughing too hard to snap a photo. My husband was supervising, BTW. No injured babes, haha.

  1. oh my gosh, the hair! static is the funniest thing. i can’t wait till my babes are big enough to play together! looks like a blast!

  2. Gorgeous photos of your gorgeous boys 🙂
    Love that shot with all the static in Søren’s hair! My 3 year old Lola ends up with pretty impressive static every time she goes down a slide but her hair is so baby fine and fair that it rarely shows up in photos.
    Has Søren worked out that he can zap you before he gets of the slide yet? That’s always Lola’s favourite thing to do at the playground!

  3. First of all, the hair static photo is indeed hilarious! I also love the one of Aidan and Soren going down the slide together. They both look so happy!

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