GoPro Attached To My Kite

So I really like this new camera I got. It’s called a GoPro (available here). It isn’t the best quality camera in the world but because it is so small, there are a lot of fun things to try with it. You can get different accessories for it to film different things or sports or activities. Today I attached it to my kite and flew it up in the air and it made for some pretty cool photos and video.

Keep reading for some photos and a video from the kite’s view.

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Wedding Makeup Trial #1

Here is a preview of my wedding makeup from trial with artist #1. Don’t mind my horridly goofy smile. Or my eyebrows.

She used airbrush foundation which I haven’t had applied before. It felt cold going on but the coverage seems good. She matched my skin tone perfect, but I’m not sure about the eyebrows or lashes. I still have another trial with a different artist, then I can choose which one I like best for the wedding.

I really just want something natural that compliments my skin and brings out my eyes. I love false lashes because they are so dramatic and beautiful.

Did you use a makeup artist for your wedding? Did you do a trial beforehand?

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