DIY – Easy (Gold) Dots Garland

You may recognize these photos (and this garland!) from my baby shower or cupcake party. Quite some time ago I fell in love with this garland from BHLDN but the price was not all that attractive and neither was the description of “green” dots when I wanted something more gold. I decided to make my own and didn’t feel like busting out my sewing machine so I used stickers/labels and thread. To do this yourself you will need:

  • 1.25″ round labels (Paper Source, Mine were gold.)
  • Thread (Mine was metallic gold. You could also use fishing line for a “floating” look?)
  • Tape or anything to hang the thread on.

1. Find the end of your thread and use the tape to tape it to the wall, a table, or wherever you’d like to start to hang the garland. Alternatively you could tie it to a thumb tack, a nail, hook, etc.

2. Then add two labels back to back (sticky sides together) to create the “dots” look. I didn’t measure my spacing exactly, I just eyeballed it. They are spaced about 12″ apart. Continue this until you reach your desired length. Since I wanted mine to go back and forth across the room I would use my tape to secure it to the beam/wall when I reached a turning point. at the end I simply trimmed the thread.

For easy storage, wrap it around an empty tissue paper roll. You do not want it to get tangled. Trust me, this was a very last minute project before my baby shower and the tangled mess that was a result of me dropping the string almost caused a really horrible pregnancy melt down (Husband with more patience than his pregnant wife to the rescue!).


8 thoughts on “DIY – Easy (Gold) Dots Garland

  1. I love how festive these look, I’d want to leave them up all year! The tutorial is super simple too. Great post!

  2. Your TW on the bottom corner. I like your “W”…. is it a font, or did you adjust a font to make the W that way? Either way, I like it a lot.

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