First Night in Paris

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Awhile back Steve took a trip to Paris, France without me. I have to admit that I was a little less than excited that his first trip to Paris would be without me. He went for work, and there really was no way I could make it on the trip with the kids at home. Don’t worry, he made up for it in Laduree macarons. He got in late on his first day, but still had the energy to take these beautiful photos.

21 thoughts on “First Night in Paris

  1. Beautiful photos. Did he go to the Openstack conference? I saw the photo with ‘openstackunderground’ on it – there was a large Openstack conference at Palais du Congress in November, my husband was there too 🙂 But maybe something completely different with the same name (I snuck along for a few days but is much easier from London!)

  2. My boyfriend and I went on potentially that same night cruise on the River Seine that I think these photos are taken from. It was gorgeous!

  3. My absolute favorite city in the world. I am blessed to go back each year, but there are always new discoveries. I hope you get to enjoy it with your hubby in the future!

  4. Gorgeous!! It would be a dream of mine to go to Paris! I am thinking about taking a yoga teacher training program in France at the end of the year!

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