House Tour: Kitchen & Dining

Moving on from the entry way, we’ll visit the kitchen and dining room. I feel like these haven’t really changed in the last few months as there isn’t much to do with them. They have changed quite a bit since we first moved in though.

team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-2 team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-3

The kitchen is not my favorite, I’m not fond of the layout, the faux woodblock counters, or the orange cabinets. If I had my way with this house, this would be the first room that I remodel. I do really like the dining room. It gets a lot of natural light and there’s really not much to pick apart.

team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-5 team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-6 team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-7 team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-8 team-wiking-house-tour-kitchen-dining-9

Since we are just renting, I can only make smaller changes here and there. I wouldn’t want to invest the amount of money it would take to remodel the kitchen into a place that we have no equity in. Some items from my kitchen and dining wishlist are:


enamelware mixing bowl set / marble & wood cheese board / beesewax storage wrap / natural cleaning set in wooden box

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