Mar 18, 2015

An Ode To Thirty

Adriana Klas Photography Adriana Klas Photography Adriana Klas Photography Adriana Klas Photography Adriana Klas Photography

A few short years ago the number “30” seemed so distant. It wasn’t even on my thought horizon. When I turned 25, I vowed to myself that I’d turn 25 every single year after. I did for the first few years, but somewhere in between then and now, I let go. I forget how many times I’ve turned 25, and as a matter of fact, I’m pretty good at forgetting my age all together. I forget all of the goals and to-do’s I had slated for my twenties, and prioritize what really matters most. I forget by choice, not by chance.

Last year was one of the first that I began to feel more settled in my life. Thirty was no longer a distant speck on my horizon, it was moving in quickly, ready or not. I’m not where I thought I’d be ten years ago, but is that where anyone ever ends up? I’m learning when to take risks, to say yes more often, and that it’s also okay to say no. I’m living with more intention than I ever have. For the first time in my life I feel like I’ve come into my own and have been able to really define myself, and it feels wonderful.

Here is to turning 30 for the first time, and all of the goodness that comes with it!

Adriana Klas Photography

The beautiful photos above were taken by my friend Adriana Klas (I met her at Field Trip 2014!) as part of a portfolio collaboration with Wiyanna, Katie Anderson Diamonds, and ML Garden & Design.

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Happy, HAPPY Birthday prettiest lady! These photos of you are insanely gorgeous! Cheers to your next year! xoxo

Oh hooray! I’m turning 30 next month! Happy birthday lady!

you look so beautiful! happy birthday!

cheers to being 30! 🙂 i spent the last two years being in denial.. but i think i’m finally coming to accept that our 30s aren’t so bad! 🙂

I could never find the words to describe the feeling The Thirties give me and you did it so perfectly. “I forget by choice, not by chance.” It sounds like you’re having a truly happy birthday, love. ♡

Welcome to the dirty-30-club. Whatever that even means! Happy Birthday friend. Hugs!

amazing photos, no. 5 is my fav 😉 happy b-day and welcome to the club, you look beautiful!

Happy birthday, Jessica! You wear 30 well. 🙂

Lovely photos and beeeautiful words. <3

welcome to the flip side – and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Jessica! This was a beautiful post <3

The 30s have actually been great for me. 🙂 Glad to hear you’re embracing it! And happy birthday! Beautiful photos.

You are absolutely stunning and 30 will be wonderful.

Happy birthday!! Thirty is an awesome age… or so I’ve heard! Cheers! I love your blog and your adventures 🙂

Beautiful 30, beautiful you!! Love the thoughts you shared so vividly!! Glad you are a part of our family. Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Thanks Linda! I’m glad I’m part of the family too. 😉

I absolutely adore the dress you are wearing? Do you happen to know the brand?

By the way, I’m just a high school student, but I always get really excited to see your blog posts – you’ve inspired me to live life a little lighter, without the stress that loads of junk / clutter brings, especially when it comes to traveling. 🙂

Thank you so much. I’m so glad that you’re able to take that away from my blog. It really does make life easier, and you don’t have to sacrifice style to travel light. 🙂 As far as the dress, it’s from Victoria’s Secret a few seasons ago.

I found some similar styles: &

Thank you! 🙂

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