Jan 04, 2021

Notes From Cleaning Out My Closet

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[dropcap2_large]E[/dropcap2_large]very January I do a full closet clean out – the pull everything out and really evaluate what you have kind. Since I have a minimal closet, it’s more of a maintenance time than a big clean out. Here are some of my notes:

  • Removed quite a few items. They were ones I’d already decided to part with or ones that were simply hung in the wrong place. I will list them on my Poshmark soon.
  • Removed my old running shoes, they’ve been replaced. I will donate them via Soles 4 Souls.
  • Stored my heels in a large shirt box, they’re not being worn right now anyway.
  • Scrubbed and washed my white Hoka sneakers. They look good as new!
  • My white Veja shoes white rubber has faded to a yellow after over 5 years of wear and despite multiple efforts, it’s not coming back to white again.
  • I’m craving a more weather versatile jacket, so I’ve been on the lookout for a proper rain coat.

Have you cleaned out your closet yet? Here are my favorite tips & tricks for how to clean out your closet. I’m excited to share my 2021 minimal closet with you soon, as well as a huge surprise. For now you can check out my minimal closet in 2020.

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