Jan 07, 2021

Tips to Organize a Kids Room

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Awhile back I wrote a post about motherhood and minimalism. I touched on ideas of how to naturally guide your little ones to a minimalist lifestyle. My kids are now a few years older, but the idea still remains. Today I’m sharing with you some practical ideas for how to organize a kids room, or as I tell my little ones, how to give things a home.

  1. Create storage space.

    After you get them to clean out their room, create storage space. If you don’t have anywhere to put their stuff, open shelving is great for things that should be easily accessible for them. I love the Ikea Eket Series (shown above), Ikea Vardo under bed storage bins, and a dresser or closet for clothing.

  2. Play favorites.

    After you work together to clean out their room, play favorites. Ask your little one which things are their favorites and make those a priority to display. If they have a favorite stuffed animal, make that the one that gets to sit on the bed after it is made. Other favorite goodies can be used as bookends on the shelf, or simply on display elsewhere. My son has a string shelf on his wall where we like to display special items that are stored up higher away from any danger.

  3. Make a plan for the rest.

    I like to take everything in visually and think about where it should go. What items are in the same group or type of toy? My son’s toys are broken down like this: Animals/Cars/People, Lego, Pokémon, Dress Up, Books, Library Books, Dolls, etc. It will really depend on how much of something your little one has and how practical it is to keep it stored together. Bin and baskets make it easier to get an item out and put it back in the right place.

  4. Label bins.

    Though they’re not labeled in the photo, my son’s room started out with sticky notes on the shelf face below each bin so it was easy to tell what went in them. This really helps to name a place for something when kids are learning to tidy up. For younger kids you can use an illustrated photo to make it easier.

  5. Practice together.

    Tidying isn’t something that kids know how to do on their own and they won’t respond well if you just tell them to clean their room. You should practice with them and remind them of each items home. One day they won’t need you there anymore or will only need simple reminders. I have my son start with the floor and his LEGO because they are usually the biggest portion of the mess. If you’re up to your neck in LEGO, here are a few tips for how to live with them.

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