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Maui Travel Guide
In just a couple of short weeks we will be off to our next beautiful destination, Maui. It’s a place I’ve wanted to go for a long time now, so I’m really excited to finally visit. I already have a 10 day Maui packing list started. We will be staying in the Wailea area, but would like to explore the whole island. So far I have this list:

  • Eat lots of lychee (!)
  • See the Bamboo Forest
  • Do the Road to Hana
  • See the Seven Sacred Pools
  • See La Perouse Bay
  • See Molokini (boat ride?)
  • See Nakalele Blowhole
  • See Waianapanapa State Park (black sand beach)
  • See Kaihalulu Beach (red sand beach)
  • See Olivine Pools (not kid friendly?)

We always try to find off-the-beaten-path things to eat, see, and do. But sometimes you just have to do a few touristy things too. I know it’s not long, but I’m hoping that you’ll help me add to it.

Have you been to Maui before? What was your favorite part? Is there anywhere you’d like to see?

Maui Travel Guide

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  1. If you can go whale whatching, I highly recommend it. The whales in Maui are so happy they jump out of the waters.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I looked it up but I’m not sure the whales are active right now.

      1. Yay! These are awesome tips from Mia–I second all of her favorites, though I don’t actually remember the Olivine Pools being that scary of a hike? I could be wrong–I do remember it being not very impressive once we go there (I have a photo here: I remember the Nakalele blowhole as being a lot scarier, or at least for those who stupidly chose to get close to it–my husband’s idiot friend 🙂

        Definitely get the blue “Maui Revealed” guidebook! It’s really handy for finding the top sights, especially on that north coast drive and the road to Hana. And you’re right, it’s not whale season now–we’ve always been in the winter when they are breaching left and right–but then, the water was cold and rough in some spots when we went, you certainly won’t have that problem in the summer!

        There’s a sushi place we love (San Sei), though I’m not sure it’s kid friendly–it’s tiny and a bit of a splurge. But definitely take them to Ono Gelato!

        So excited to hear about your trip, safe travels!

  2. Was in Maui in December/January with my sister’s lovely toddler and here are my notes and what I’d recommend!:

    See the Bamboo Forest – AMAZING! GO! Waterfall hike is extra special.

    Do the Road to Hana – YES! Be warned that the roads are very windy and scary. Don’t do whole road and try not to come back at night. Stop by Coconut Glen’s for amazing ice cream and the best roadside coconut candy and get banana bread at any of the road stands.

    See the Seven Sacred Pools – SKIPPED. Heard it was not that great, but it isn’t out of your way if you do end up going.

    See Molokini (boat ride?) – YES! Wonderful. This foundation is great and they have special kid friendly snorkel/boat trips.

    See Nakalele Blowhole – OMG SPECTACULAR! Climbing is scary. Be careful.

    See Waianapanapa State Park (black sand beach) – WORTH IT

    See Olivine Pools (not kid friendly?) – Treacherous. Not kid friendly.

    Additional stuff to do/see:
    -get shave ice! They’re all good, but Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice in Lahaina is my fave.
    -Black Rock Beach was the best snorkeling we had besides Molokini! Very kid friendly and you will, for sure, swim with gentle sea turtles. Easy to rent gear right on the beach.
    -Haleakala National Park was my favorite trip. Gorgeous. Go at sunrise if the little ones are okay with it.
    -Paia is a charming town for shopping and eating
    -Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop in Olawalu has to-die for pie, pineapple hard cider, and the best ahi benedict ever. Have the kiddos spot the wild chickens nearby!
    -Whaler’s Village has free hula lessons which are great for kids and adults alike
    -Surfing Goat Dairy is super fun and my nephew LOVED it

    1. Forgot about “Maui Revealed”! Cassie is right that it is an amazing resource! My mom bought the app and we had the guidebook and both were worth every penny. Particularly helpful in picking the right beaches to visit…

      1. Yes, we had the one for Kauai and it was awesome!

  3. If you haven’t seen a sunrise from the top of Haleakala, it’s amazing. There aren’t enough words to describe looking down on the sun as it comes up through the clouds. The Seven Sacred Pools hike and the Hana Highway drive are also must-do’s. We also enjoyed stopping at Ulupalakua Ranch and Winery – it’s Maui’s biggest organic farm and only winery – and walking around in downtown Lahaina. There’s a beautiful art market down there that takes place on a town block that’s completely covered by a single gigantic Banyan tree.

  4. Chelsea

    Red and beach is a bit of a scary hike. Lots of very thin trail with steep drops…..

    Molokini was a waste of money in our eyes as we saw everything at black Rock that we did at molokini…. And it’s a long boat ride there!

    Depending on time, drive the whole island. We stayed in Hana so when we left we continued along the road and it was beautiful! Very different part of Maui for sure.

    Haleakila (sp?) for sunset is absolutely worth it if the boys won’t be super grumpy that day from getting up ridiculously early!

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. I just got back from Maui! Def do the road to hana! If you get any kind of car sick, I would bring a dramamine patch. Eat A shaka pop when you get to hana- the maui mohito one is AMAZING! Wai’anapanapa State Park is also cool + it has blow holes! In regard to the red sand beach, that was on our list, but we ended up not going. Apparently it is really hard to get to/dangerous. I can’t wait to see pics if you get to go! The only thing that I would do that wasn’t listed, would be to do the sunrise bike tour at Haleakala National Park. They pick you up at like 3:15 in the morning and drive you to the top, so you can watch the sunrise above the clouds!! Then you bike ride 26.2 miles down the volcano, through lavender farms, eucalyptus plants, little towns, and ranches. It was scary, but so much fun! It sounds like a lot, but you are mainly coasting, not pedaling. Even if you don’t want to bike down, seeing the sunrise is worth it:) Also, if you can, get reservations at Mama’s Kitchen- they catch their fish fresh daily! My dad’s favorite place we ate was called “Da Kitchen” the portion sizes are HUGE and it is all of the “local soul food”. Have so much fun!

    Southern Elle Style

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