Sep 28, 2015

Dunes & Drones in Fort Bragg

Driving through California redwoods

A weekend or so ago, my husband and a few of his friends headed up to a cabin near Fort Bragg, California. After a long drive up north, and a beautiful drive through the redwoods, he arrived at the cabin. It was just north of MacKerricher State Park and Ten Mile River, a part of Mendocino County. I don’t usually ask a lot of questions about his trips, but I imagine that they spent most of their time flying. I always love to relive his trips through photos, and although his shooting style is different than mine(and sometimes at a higher altitude), he has a talent for taking beautiful photos.

I have to admit that I’m a little jealous of his trip. I loved our trip to Mendocino County and have been dying to go back. MacKerricher State Beach is actually a place I wanted to visit but we didn’t quite make it to. Isn’t this area beautiful? Anyone who wants to learn more about what he does or drones in general can visit his website at

Drone selfie MacKerricher State Park MacKerricher State Park Drone selfie Dog diving into river Ten Mile River MacKerricher State Park Beach Drones MacKerricher State Park Beach MacKerricher State Park Beach Sunset in Mendocino County Sunset in Mendocino County Mendocino Moon Milky Way as seen from Mendocino County, California

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Wow, you take really stunning pictures, Jessica! I’m in awe.

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