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Family Camp at Aspen Grove

BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah

The Great Salt Lake in Utah The Great Salt Lake in Utah The Great Salt Lake in Utah

Utah is a mere two hour flight from our nearest airport in San Jose, California. It’s an easy flight and for this trip was just as easy as when I flew out in January to speak at Alt Summit. The only difference is that then the mountains were covered in snow, and now they were not and the Great Salt Lake was beautiful pink and turquoise blue colors. It was a dream to fly over and be able to photograph the lake from that altitude. Maybe I should learn to fly my husband’s drones better, ha!

Bridal Veil Falls in Utah BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah Stewart Falls Hike in Utah Stewart Falls Hike in Utah Aspen Grove in Utah

Once landed, we were whisked away by family to stay at Aspen Grove, near Sundance. We passed Bridal Veil falls on the way as the mountains grew taller and cell-signal faded away. The week was spent mostly unplugged with lots of outdoor activities sprinkled throughout. There was swimming, outdoor games, and even a chance to face my fears on a ropes course. When I finally reached the top and started moving about the ropes I was fine, but the climb up was not easy on me. I remained strong for the 30 foot vertical climb up the log and rock wall to the top, then let my nerves loose (hi, panic attack) before doing the ropes course and repelling back down (first time repelling!). I’ve said a lot lately that I want to do things that scare me just the right amount, and this certainly fell into the Scare Me category.

California Wildfire from a plane. Flying through the clouds

The flight home was just as easy as the flight there, with a birds-eye (plane cockpit?) view of a wildfire in California. Once we landed, we hailed an uber and made our way home, safe and sound.

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  1. These first shots are simply unreal!

  2. darling!! haven’t been camping in a while and this makes me want to!
    Southern Elle Style

  3. These are breathtaking photos. Makes me want to go camping.

    Iesha aka Lesh

  4. Wow everything looks breath taking!! I alway love your images they are always so crisp and clean!


  5. Wow, looks like an amazing trip. And great photographs, too!

  6. This looks like a really fantastic family trip. So relaxing! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  7. These photos are amazing!! You really are a traveling girl, I am so jealous!!

  8. Those first shots are unbelievable!! What a great trip!
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

  9. What an absolutely stunning place! Im in love and your photos are insane!


  10. Love the overhead shots of Salt Lake!

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