Aug 30, 2016

Labor Day Picnic Inspiration

Labor Day Simple Picnic Inspiration

1. Badminton Set / 2. Lunea Melamine White Dinnerware (not fragile!) / 3. Peterboro Handmade Picnic Basket / 4. Amara Pure New Wool Picnic Blanket / 5. Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass / 6. Table In a Bag (FSC certified!) / 7. Weck Canning Jar / 8. Small Metal Lantern / 9. Bocce Ball Set

Over the Summer I had my fair share of picnics, including a dreamy one at the beach. As we make our way into Fall, I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to live in California and not have to give up the picnics I’ve been in love with all Summer. Our weather stays pretty mild, and sometimes warm, for the transition into fall. We’re headed to a party that I’m not hosting on labor day, but I thought it would be fun to put together a little Labor Day picnic inspiration anyway.

1. Badminton Set
When we were at family camp, we played quite a few rounds of badminton together. I’d love to carry-on the game at home or park-side.

2. Lunea Melamine White Dinnerware
My favorite part about this dinnerware is that it’s not fragile. I don’t have to worry about breaking it on the cement if a certain helper doesn’t have a great grip on it.

3. Peterboro Handmade Picnic Basket
Another gorgeous addition to the picnic, and it holds just the right amount. The lid is a nice feature and can double as a tabletop of sorts.

4. Amara Pure New Wool Picnic Blanket
Bottom-lined and with leather handles this soft and cozy wool blanket will be a perfectly comfortable addition for Labor Day.

5. Acrylic Stemless Wine Glass
I love the elevated look of these, and the durability as well. I can take them to the pool and beach without getting into trouble over glass.

6. Table In a Bag
I have and use these on a regular basis for parties, picnics, etc. I love that this one is Forest Stewardship Council certified, which means that it’s a little better for the Earth.

7. Weck Canning Jar
Perfect size for tagging along on a picnic full of just about anything, this jar is an easy wash and easy open alternative to plastics.

8. Small Metal Lantern
Add a little ambiance to your picnic by bringing one of these along. You can use a flameless candle to make it easy to transport and safer for being on a blanket or grass.

9. Bocce Ball Set
Isn’t this set absolutely gorgeous? We’ve played as a family a few times, but I’d love to be able to play anywhere I’d like.

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What are your plans for Labor Day? Are you stuck in picnic mode like I am?

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that table in a bag is so cool and would def come in handy! i always manage to spill something if im sitting on the ground.
Southern Elle Style

They’re really awesome! I have a few of them that I use for parties (taller ones), and a shorter one I use for picnics and the beach and such.

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