Fewer Better Fall Travel Essentials

Fall travel essentials - 7 of my favorite items for fall and holiday travel.

With fall in full swing, I’ve been thinking a lot about travel during this transitional time and how I start to yearn for more warm and cozy comforts when I travel. I love snuggling up into a warm sweater, scarf, or blanket whether it’s on my couch at home or during a flight. Since their fewer better mantra has resonated with me so much, today I’m sharing a few of my fall travel essentials from one of my favorite brands, Cuyana.

1. Leather Zipper Tote

I’ve had my leather zipper tote for a few years now and it’s seriously the only bag I carry right up with my travel wallet. I don’t keep it filled to the brim except when I need to.

2. Open Back Sweater

I picked up the ribbed open back sweater in black as soon as it was available on their site and I love the playfulness of it. It’s warm and cozy when it needs to be but since it’s not winter-cold yet the open back adds a bit of va-va-voom to it in an unexpected area.

3. Leather Weekender Bag

Ever since I’ve started taking shorter trips around California I’ve found that I don’t fill a whole carry-on suitcase. This beautiful leather weekender has been on my wishlist for quite some time and I’m crossing my fingers this Christmas it comes home with me, ha.

4. Cotton Cashmere Sweater

I picked this v-neck cotton cashmere sweater up awhile back and have been wearing it through the end of summer and into fall.The fit is a little oversized and the rust color is perfect for the season.

5. Travel Set

Another for my wishlist, this beautiful baby alpaca travel set has been on my mind for a long time. I have a cape made from the same fabric that I absolutely love.

6. Turtleneck Tee

I picked this cozy turtleneck up before my trip to Paris and have been wearing it any time the weather dips below 70F. My current favorite way to wear it is paired with some slip-on loafers and a pair of high-waisted jeans.

7. Pajama Set

I am big on pajamas when I travel. While I don’t need to bring a lot of them, I do prefer to pack one that I love. This pima sleep set is perfect and I may or may not have just picked some up for myself. I really like that they could wear well as everyday clothing in a pinch.

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What are your favorite fall travel essentials?

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Responses to “Fewer Better Fall Travel Essentials”

  1. Wow – you nailed this! I never travel without my alpaca, favorite pj’s and comfy sweaters. I’ve been in search of the perfect leather tote to handle my wallet, computer, etc. so I’m off to check out #1 on your list!

    1. Oh man, it goes EVERYWHERE with me. I love that I can fill it to the brim when I need to with laptop, camera, etc., but it also looks good mostly empty which is how I normally carry it.

  2. my favorite that open back sweater as well. Thanks for sharing such stylish items.

  3. I love and appreciate a quality leather tote. It leaves my hands free while stylishly dragging my junk around.

  4. Neely Moldovan

    I just got a very basic black crossbody because I could not believe I didnt have one! Such a fewer better thing to have!

  5. I am all about cozy sweaters this time of year! The leather tote looks really awesome!

  6. I have a large purse I love traveling with. The pajama set looks amazing and would be great for travel.

  7. The open back sweater is going to be awesome for chilly days and it really does have a cool design. I think the turtleneck is going to look great with a bunch of different outfits too.

  8. I love that the big tote comes with a zipper. So many of them don’t, which means at some point, my stuff will fall out.

    1. Oh my goodness, I know right?! I learned my lesson when I was on a moving train in Chicago and my whole tote dumped over and spilled everywhere. It was so horrible but lucky a few good people came to my rescue.

  9. wow! these are totally awesome. I love the tote, the brown one especially. The toe long dresses complete the look totally. I should try to make my wardrobe more trendy. Impressive

  10. That leather zip tote is so beautiful. I love how soft the leather looks and how much room it has to hold everything that you need.

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