Oct 26, 2017

Guide to a Simple Halloween

Halloween spooky floral arrangement from a guide to a simple Halloween.
Just because it’s a popular holiday doesn’t mean that celebrating it has to be overly complicated. Popular holidays can have so much peer pressure and marketing surrounding them that it can sometimes feel easier to give in than it does to just enjoy a simple holiday. With costumes, candy, parties, and decorations crawling into every inch of your life, Halloween is no different. Even though Halloween is my favorite holiday, we typically try to keep it simple. Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite low-key ways to celebrate Halloween and the fall season in general.

5 Things to Eat

5 Things to Do

  • Go for a drive in search of Fall foliage. Hint: It usually changes first at higher elevations, and if you’re in California, check out the fall color report here.
  • Have a spooky movie marathon complete with olive oil and rosemary popcorn. My personal family-friendly-ish favorites are The Nightmare Before Christmas (on Netflix!), Hocus Pocus, and Beetlejuice.
  • Plan a trip somewhere that includes creepy sight-seeing. On our trip to Paris we visited the Catacombs.
  • Did you know some places offer graveyard tours? Here’s a great list to get you started.
  • Decorate a no-carve pumpkin, like this amazing floral moon one. Don’t feel like pumpkins? Arrange some ghoulish flowers instead like I did (see featured image).

For more of my favorites, check out my fall holidays pin board!

What are some of your favorite simple ways to celebrate Halloween?

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These are such great ideas for Halloween, and for Fall. I’ll have to try the ginger miso butternut squash soup. That sounds delicious and I think my kids would like it, too.

It’s so true. Last year was the first time my family decided to not buy gifts or do anything crazy for the holidays. Instead we spent time together. It was the best honestly. No pressure or stress. The way holidays should be.

Ooh! Graveyards give me the chills! I grew up in the Philippines and I remember us playing in the cemented graves as kids. Very scary now that I think of it! I like this list. Alternative things to do on Halloween is always good to know if you don’t want to be in crowds!

First off, your images are gorgeous. Such rich colours! We had a simple Halloween with hot cider and classic movies. While it might not be Halloween, those Pom & blsckberry lemomdrops are a must for me.

That list of things to eat is awesome! I was hooked on the ginger butternut squash soup, but then every one after sounded even more appealing! Those cinnamon roasted pumpkin seeds?!?! Yum! I love cinnamon!

Great ideas! We actually had a spooky movie marathon and had a blast. We chose family friendly movies like Hocus Pocus, so it wasn’t really too scary, but we had a great time.

Simple is sometimes so much better! I love the photographs you captured, the colors truly popped! Sometimes I think a classy Halloween is so much nicer than a cartoonish spooky type of set up!

That soup looks delicious! It’s perfect for fall!!

I love these ideas! The Catacombs in Paris must have been amazing! I need to try some of that popcorn too

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