Oct 21, 2017

5 Jackets In My Minimal Wardrobe

A Leather Jacket.

Since we are well into fall with winter on our heels I’ve been wearing a jacket almost every day. Today I’m sharing the 5 jackets in my minimal wardrobe along with my reasons for having them, and a few outfits wearing them. Most of these have stood the test of time in my closet and will be sadly be replaced once they have reached the end of their lifespan.

A look in my closet at the 5 Jackets in my Minimal Wardrobe. Each one has a specific look and function.

modern trench coat worn from day to night.

1. Modern Trench
I purchased this years ago from Zara and I’ve only grown more fond of it’s classic design with a modern edge over the years. The key is that it doesn’t have many design details and doesn’t detract from the rest of your outfit. It’s timeless on it’s own. La Garconne has a similar one available, but otherwise the flowing trench coat from Zara is pretty close too. I would suggest looking for a trench that is more flowy, lighter in fabric, and with a single-breasted standard-collar opening.

A look in my closet at the 5 Jackets in my Minimal Wardrobe. Each one has a specific look and function.

Wearing a Leather Jacket in San Diego.

2. Leather Jacket
I don’t believe you can go wrong with a good leather jacket. It helps to make any dress you wear with it more casual, and makes any casual outfit feel a bit more edgy. The Collection Washed Leather Jacket from J.Crew is pretty similar, but if I had to shop for a new one I’d prefer one from Deadwood since they are made from recycled leather.

A look in my closet at the 5 Jackets in my Minimal Wardrobe. Each one has a specific look and function.

My Green Anorak worn with a black jumpsuit.

3. Green Anorak
My green anorak is the Military Droptail Parka by Steven Alan a few years back, and the closest I can find right now is the City Anorak by Everlane. The fabric is lightweight, but not necessarily waterproof and the fit is quite oversized. If you ever come across this jacket I suggest you snatch it up, because I live in it. Yes, really.

A look in my closet at the 5 Jackets in my Minimal Wardrobe. Each one has a specific look and function.

My wool coat transitioning to Winter to Spring.

4. Structured Wool Coat
This coat is the J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat, but it has since been updated in design and now the J.Crew Lodge Coat is much more close when comparing design detail. The J.Crew Factory City Coat is also similar and a little less steep in price. If I were to purchase a similar coat right now, I’d likely go with this Cocoon Coat by Everlane because although I love the zipper in my current coat, I love the more responsible aspect of purchasing from a supplier as transparent as Everlane.

A look in my closet at the 5 Jackets in my Minimal Wardrobe. Each one has a specific look and function.

Spiewak Aviation Eskimo Parka in Iceland.

5. Waterproof Parka
This Parka has followed me through cold weather at home, on various snow trips, and even on our trip to Iceland where it kept me warm and dry. It’s the Spiewak Aviation Eskimo Parka and it’s made with recycled down. I normally wear a small in tops, but this jacket is a size medium so I would suggest to go up from your normal size. I can layer a thicker sweater inside this one but it does restrict my movement a bit when I do. If you keep your eye on the price on Amazon you can snag it for a steal, I snagged mine for only $150, $300 cheaper than retail price!

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What kind of jackets do you keep in your minimal wardrobe? Any favorites?

Photos by Kate Skogen and Sarah Hettervik for Hej Doll.

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Love your collection! These jackets look so stylish and comfy. I can add some new pieces in my wardrobe. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Jackets are our best friend whenever its cold. It should not be just a boring jacket. Let fashion gives life to it. I love your jacket wardrobe,

I don’t think I own 5 jackets and I can tell you right now, I’m a hoarder lol I need to clear out the clutter and get some pretty jackets like that. Need a fall jacket.

Your jackets are all very nice. I only have one jacket, just a warm hoodie I wear when it’s cold. When it’s super cold I just layer it with a sweater under.

I love all the jackets you have on, those are like my style. Having nice and comfortable jacket during the Fall is a must!

I love more of a jacket instead of coats. Luckily here in the South we don’t have to have heavy coats a lot. Cute jackets can just make the outfit.

I am loving your jacket lineup! I am more of a large oversized sweater type myself, but would not turn down an opportunity to add an anorak to my collection.

LOVE all of these jackets! I just cleaned out my closet after losing a little weight and now I need some new jackets to keep me warm! I think a nice peacoat will be the first thing on my list!

These are some great jackets, I have to admit I have a faux leather one, but I actually don’t have many more on this list, I need to change that.

I have a real minimal wardrobe because I don’t have 5 jackets. Do like most of these guess maybe I need to up my jacket purchase.

I guess it just depends on your priority. I gave up my blazer for the trench coat and we do a lot of cold weather travel so most are pretty necessary. I do have fewer of other types of items to make up for it. 🙂

I have just a few jackets in my wardrobe too. My favorite is my long puffer jacket, which is perfect for freezing cold Midwest winter days!

My leather jacket gets a lot of love during this time of year (though I could do without the “are you in a motorcycle gang?” comments). I’m still on the hunt for the perfect classic wool coat that covers my bum and is warm, but doesn’t make me lose my shape. My fit issues usually lie in the shoulders (always too big) and the hips (always too small).

I used to have 2 leather jackets. Man do I miss them! I think every girl should have a leather jacket!

Those are all very cute jackets. I have probably 25 or 30 jackets in my closet right now and I need to go through and donate a few.

Wow! You certainly do have an impressive collection, although I’m sure if you live somewhere cold enough they’re pretty necessary.

Definitely, need a leather jacket in any wardrobe. It is a staple to any woman’s closet.

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