Minimal Fall Home Decor Refresh

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With the temperatures finally starting to cool off a bit, I’m ready for a fall home decor refresh for sure. I like to keep the things I add on the minimal side, switching out lighter textures for ones that are more cozy. I always keep candles around the house too, but find that I am tempted to light them more when the natural light is not as bright. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite minimal fall home decor finds and sharing a few ways that I refresh my home with fall decor.

Fall Home Decor

In the living room I’ve swapped out one of my pillow covers for this dark brown velvet cushion cover from Ikea. I’ve also swapped out my usual linen throw for a cozy alpaca throw my husband brought back for me from Peru. My favorite candle for the season is Hygge by Skandinavisk. It has all the right notes for me but isn’t too overwhelming.

Fall Dining Decor

Dining spaces in the fall always bring a sense of togetherness. I like to enhance the hygge feeling of cozy with candlelight and cozy seating, lanterns and throws for outdoor dining, and bringing out my favorite mugs for tea. Shared meals make me think about entertaining and prepping the house for guests, even if it has looked a little different in the last 18 months.

Fall Bedroom Decor

In the bedroom I pile on layers, add ambient lighting, and enjoy bundling up in my favorite loungewear and socks. I am 100% here for all of the comfy and soft things. It’s also nice to keep a carafe near your bedside so you don’t have to walk through a cold house to get a drink.

Shelf styling by Elisabeth Wallace.

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