Summer to Fall Outfit Tips

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[dropcap2_large]S[/dropcap2_large]ince I live in California, I’ve always been familiar with a long fall season. The change from summer to fall is often a blur and the weather is rarely steady. Sometimes the days start out cool in the morning only to be blazing hot by the afternoon, and cold again at night. Sometimes the days stay cold all day. It makes it hard to curate your minimal closet when the weather serves you multiple seasons in one day, but as a challenge I like to see how many items I can take into different seasons with me. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite summer to fall outfit tips for you.

1: Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, H&M Active Tank, H&M Wide-Cut Linen Pants, TKees Mia Napa Sandals.

2: Everlane Cashmere Rib-Round Crew, H&M Wide-Cut Linen Pants, Dear Frances Tony Boot, Everlane Mini Form Bag.

3: Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, Everlane Silky Cotton Shirt, Levi’s 501 Denim, TKees Mia Napa Sandals, Everlane Mini Form Bag.

4: H&M Collared Shirtdress, Dear Frances Tony Boot.

Summer to Fall Outfit Tips

  1. Think about items individually.
    Instead of thinking about wearing your favorite summer top in your favorite summer outfit, think about how you could wear it in fall instead. How would it look with a jacket? Denim? In the photo above I’m wearing my favorite summer linen pants with boots and a sweater. I’ve rolled the hem a bit to bring the look together and show more of my boots.
  2. Add length somewhere.
    This means swapping out your shorts for pants or a shorter sleeved top for a heavier one. One of my favorite ways to do this here in California is to wear a sweater with shorts and sandals. It’s perfect for when the weather decides to change quickly, especially at the beach.
  3. Include a warm layer or two.
    The easiest way to extend your warm weather clothing into cooler weather is to dress in layers. You can add sweaters or button down shirts to your favorite dresses to make them look more like skirts. You can also layer a long sleeve under them to extend their wear as well.
  4. Change up your shoes.
    I like to change out my sandals for boots and sneakers in the fall. It works with changing up almost any outfit, especially dresses.
  5. Shop for multiple seasons.
    While there are some items that are only good for a single season, I like to think critically when I’m purchasing an item. How will this item work for spring? Summer? Fall? I have a straw hat that I wear during the summer, but since it is darker it also works into fall too.

1: Everlane Cashmere Rib-Round Crew, H&M Wide-Cut Linen Pants, Dear Frances Tony Boot, Everlane Mini Form Bag.

2: Everlane Cashmere Rib-Round Crew, Everlane Japanese GoWeave Slip Dress, Veja Esplar Sneaker.

3: Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, Cuyana French Terry Pleat-back Sweater, Levi’s 501 Denim, TKees Dem Sandals, Cuyana Trapeze Satchel.

4: Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses, Victoria’s Secret Black Leather Jacket (old, similar Leather Jacket by Deadwood), Everlane Japanese GoWeave Slip Dress, On Running Roger Center Court Sneaker.

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Do you wear your summer favorites in fall? Which pieces are your favorite to wear between seasons?

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