How to Add More Storage Space to Your Home

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When we moved to a smaller place 4 years ago, I wasn’t sure how long we’d be here. We have no plans of moving yet, so I’ve learned to adapt and add storage to our small space where I can. Whether it’s needing a place to store workout equipment or games, I finally feel like I have a place for mostly everything. Since our house is small and runs light on storage I had to get a little more creative. Today I’m sharing my five favorite tips for how to add more storage to your home.

How to Add More Storage Space to Your Home

  1. Hide storage in plain sight.
    My favorite way to store items is to hide them in plain sight. Whether that means storing toys in the living room in woven baskets with lid, or even in a decorative bowl.
  2. Add seating with storage.
    You can do this by adding a dining bench with storage, or an ottoman with storage like our living room above. In the dining bench we keep extra table linens, art supplies, bedding for the sofa bed, and other items we don’t access often. In the ottoman we keep all of our board games and other entertainment.
  3. Utilize rolling bins under things like beds and couches.
    All of our beds have these rolling under bed bins under them, 2 under each twin and 4 under our queen size bed. The kid’s houses LEGO and ours has seasonal clothing, etc. Remember to check the clearance first. If you’re low on clearance, try a soft zippered bin like this one.
  4. Store items where you will use them.
    Most of our credenza in the living room is not items for our TV. On the right side I keep workout equipment and on the left we keep electronic stuff like batteries, remotes, etc. Next to my desk is a large storage cabinet where I keep all of my work items like equipment and photo props.
  5. Rethink your current storage space.
    Can you reconfigure a closet to work better for you? Do you really need two clothing bars or can you nix one for shelves? When we redid our closet we added shelves above and below our clothing so that we’d have extra storage space. On the shelves we have a few pandan woven shirt boxes that we keep accessories and other items. In mine I store my purses, hats, scarves, and gloves. We haven’t made over the kids closets, but one side is for clothing and the other has shelves with these cotton bins to store extra toys, linens and items that don’t have a place elsewhere in our house.
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  1. I have a tip for this is using baskets and boxes, as they are pretty and functional. Moreover, they are also cheap storage units and flexibility! You can consider to use this kind of stuff.

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