Sep 08, 2021

Moodboard: Natural & Minimal Small Space Living Room

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It has been roughly ten years since our living room has had a major update. We’ve made smaller changes that revolved around having a little one and moving houses, but nothing too major. I’ve been itching for a fresh look in this space for awhile and it just felt like the time was right. Today I’m sharing my natural minimal small space living room mood board with you, as well as a little peek at the before and after.

Our Living Room Before

Ever since we moved into this house, a lot of our living room setup felt dark and awkward. Our living room is quite small, at roughly 9’x13′, it’s not a lot of space to work with. This means that there is an emphasis on size, sometimes before style. I’ve fallen in love with multiple couches only to learn later that they are too big for our space. Luckily the room is slightly bigger than that, but I use the other wall as my home office.

Small Space Living Room Inspiration

I keep a lot of inspiration on my small spaces pin board as well as my living spaces pin board. You’ll notice that most of what I save is earthy and natural while still maintaining a light and airy aesthetic. I’d describe my style as a mix of Scandinavian and natural minimalism. I love a minimal space that also feels welcoming and connected to nature. Plants are a non-negotiable for me as I love bringing the outdoors in and feeling connected to nature. Storage is also a non-negotiable since our house is small and only has one small kitchen pantry and a bathroom closet.

Small Space Living Room Moodboard

Moodboard: Natural & Minimal Small Space Living Room
  1. Cozy accessories

    Our couch accessories have been the same for-ev-er and I fell in love with these: Ferm Living Free Cushion in Natural, Ferm Living Small Kelim Fringe Cushion, & H&M Home Linen Throw.

  2. Hay Design Rice Paper Shade in 80cm

    I chose the 80cm size because I wanted it to feel a bit oversized to add some whimsy to the space.

  3. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree + CB2 Seminyak Gray Planter 26.75″

    I’ve had this trio since 2013 and they’ve grown quite mighty. After our last move I lost one of the tree in the trio, so I replaced it when I combined all of my fiddle leaf figs into a braid. The planter is a recent upgrade, and it gives them the home base they deserve.

  4. Angel Wing Begonia + Hay Flowerpot and Saucer in Black

    My Angel Wing Begonia was grown from a clipping I received from my great grandmother’s plant. She’s been doing good in this pot, so aside from moving her from the big shelf, nothing has changed.

  5. Ikea Finnala Sofa Combination

    Our last couch from Ikea we had for 11 years and it still looked new. Originally I wanted this Ikea Finnala combination in the Gunnared Beige fabric/color but it didn’t feature the sleeper section that I wanted. I ended up combining 1 armrest, 1 sleeper section, 1 corner, 1 single, and a storage ottoman to get the look and functionality that I wanted. All together it only measures 98″ wide x 92″ deep which is perfect for our space.

  6. West Elm Metal Loop Candelabra + Ferm Living Duo Candles in Olive Green

    This candelabra was actually white when I purchased it on clearance. I gave it a quick spray with matte black spray paint and have enjoyed it much more. The candles are a tiny bit spooky and work both year-round and as halloween decor.

  7. Menu Plinth Rose Marble Coffee Table

    For 2 years I dreamed of this coffee table, and my dreams finally came true. It’s even more stunning in person. Fair warning, it weighs a lot.

  8. Burgundy Rubber Tree + Ferm Living Hourglass Pot in Medium

    This rubber tree started as a baby in our house over 5 years ago, and loves the warm west facing sun she gets through our sliding door. I recently upgraded her to a larger pot because she was in desperate need of room to stretch her roots.

  9. 9×12′ Jerneja Solid Chunky Jute Rug in Natural/Grey

    A new addition! I’ve always loved jute rugs for their texture and natural materials and after the initial break-in period, this one is awesome.

  10. Ferm Living Two-Tier Plant Shelf in Grey

    This shelf used to live next to my desk on my workspace side of our living room, but has since been replaced with a cabinet since I needed more storage space. I’ve always loved it as a piece so I swapped out my big dark shelves for this shelf.

  11. Ferm Living Herman Side Table

    This design is a few years old, but you might be able to find one somewhere. Originally purchased as a nightstand in my older sons room, it now resides in our living room. This one is very similar in design.

  12. Zara Home Terrycloth Armchair

    Originally I wanted this &Tradition Little Petra Armchair, but I have to reside in reality. I settled for the Zara Home Terrycloth Armchair instead and it gets the job done while being much more friendly on the wallet. There is a similar one available at Smallable.

  13. West Elm Mid-Century Media Console 80″

    We purchased this console five years ago in this color of acorn and immediately after it was delivered they released a more neutral toned color, talk about buyers remorse. Last year I saw that someone had refinished a piece of furniture that was coated in veneer and decided to try it myself. Sanding this thing down has been a task but the color is so much more likable for me now. Also available in 58″ and 96″.

Small Space Living Room Accessories

A lot of these little accents I’ve collected over the years, others are new additions.

A little peek at our new living space…

I can’t wait to share more photos later when it’s officially done.

Do you have any tips for decorating a small space?

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