Feb 04, 2016

Olive Oil and Rosemary Popcorn

[dropcap_large]P[/dropcap_large]opcorn is a big favorite in our house, and I prefer to make it over the stove. I’ve shared my favorite stovetop kettlecorn recipe with you before but this olive oil and rosemary popcorn adds a slight twist to that. It would make the perfect snack for the big game without resorting to store bought or microwave packets.


10 minutes. Makes approximately 4-5 cups.

1/3 cup Popcorn kernals (I buy these organic white corn ones)
2-3 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1-2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
pink himalayan salt (or just sea salt)
large sauce pan with lid (Mine is glass so I can see the progress)

1. Place 2 tsp extra virgin olive oil and 3-4 popcorn kernals in an oversized sauce pan (with lid) on medium-high heat.
2. Once they start to pop, add remaining popcorn kernals and 1 sprig of fresh rosemary, then replace lid.
3. As popcorn pops, move the pan back and forth slightly so that the popcorn on the bottom doesn’t burn.
4. When most of the popcorn is popped (around 4-5 minutes), or when popping sounds slow to almost stopped, remove from heat.
5. Garnish with sea salt to taste and extra rosemary sprig. Additionally you can drizzle the remaining olive oil over the popcorn to add more flavor, but I usually leave this step out. Toss and serve.

Olive Oil and Rosemary Popcorn, a perfect and easy snack!

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I love different oils, they give life completely new colors and tastes. Thanks for the recipe, it turned out very tasty.

wow, I love very much pop corn, thanks for sharing…

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Oh YUMM!! I’m a huge popcorn fan, and I think I would love this!!

This reminds me of the popcorn we got in Santa Cruz! Except we had basil-but I think they should have done rosemary like you 🙂

This and the kettle corn recipes both look so delicious. I’m always so stuck on “butter and salt” that I forget that other seasonings would taste good too. I will definitely try this! thank you.

Oh my yum this looks delicious! How you’ve managed to make POPCORN look classy and beautiful is beyond me. It’s 9:30 AM and I’m about to go make some popcorn. 🙂

Cameron Proffitt

oh so yum!! love rosemary with anything 🙂
Southern Elle Style

Oo yum! What a great way to spice up a traditional treat.

This sounds amazing and I love popcorn so much! Olive oil & rosemary is the way to go! xx adaatude.com

My mom makes stovetop corn all the time and it is the best! Definitely going to have to try this kind.

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

Popcorn is my favorite snack. There are so many great ways to make it different!

Omigah YUM. I don’t care what movies we see in the house or the theatre, as long as I get popcorn. And rosemary!! Smells + tastes amazinggggg. I need to do this too. Where’d you buy that fancy popcorn kernal stuff?

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