Apr 14, 2015

Revere Hotel in Boston

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During my trip to WITS ’15 in Boston, I stayed at the Revere Hotel in the theater district, near Boston Commons. It was very easy to access from the airport. I took the Silver Line from the airport to South Station, then took an Uber to the hotel since it was pouring rain and I didn’t want my bag (wheeled carry-on) to get soaked. If it weren’t rush-hour and pouring rain, I would have made the 5-10 minute walk. Once there, check-in was quick and courteous. The lobby was absolutely gorgeous.

The room was on the 16th floor, and as expected, it was clean and very quiet. Bottled water awaited my arrival, along with the panoramic city views. With how much time I spent at the hotel and in my room, the views became my favorite part of the room. I loved how much they changed with the weather. When I arrived the buildings downtown were in the clouds, then snow-covered, then sun drenched. I’m unsure if the cozy throw blanket on the bed ranks above or below the views, but it ranked high up on my list of positives as well. The bed didn’t leave me feeling sore or tired after, which was a large success despite the amount of jet lag I felt on this trip.

The hotel boasts a long list of amenities, many of which I really didn’t get to enjoy. The first worth noting is free Wifi (score!) throughout the hotel and rooms. It only slowed down when the conference was most active. I ordered room service a couple of times and it was very tasty and timely. Often the food would arrive in half of the estimated timeframe. Other amenities include a fitness center, heated indoor pool, spa, pet-friendly rooms, and a lounge.

Overall I’d rank this hotel pretty high on my list of places I’d stay again, 9/10. I’d love to return to Boston sometime, perhaps in the early Fall after the Summer humidity is gone. All of the staff were very courteous and respectful.



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what a gorgeous hotel! hope you had a great stay!

xoxo, Elena Michelle

Wow, I like how modern the interior design is! Looks like a wonderful place to stay! Sort of bummed I didn’t attend WITS, too, but there’s always next year 🙂

Love that you went to Boston! I am from there. It is so amazing. We will have to meet up next time you are there! I hope you enjoyed your stay! Love your necklace BTW!

Looks like such a cozy place to be! I absolutely love the lobby’s wall decor and that view you got from your room.

That’s a gorgeous space, it sure looks like an art museum.

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