Nov 16, 2017

A Simple Thanksgiving Feast

This year, especially more than before, I’ve been searching for ways to simplify the  holidays so that I can actually enjoy them with my family. I’m sure you’ve felt the pressures during the holidays to do activities that you don’t enjoy just for tradition, or to cook a million dishes, or give a million gifts. This year I’m not having any of it, I’m done with spending my time doing things I don’t want to instead of focusing on my family. Last month I shared my ideas for a simple Halloween, and today I’m sharing my tips to have a simple Thanksgiving.

Buy pre-cooked and don’t feel guilty.
It can be so, so very easy to get lost in having a perfectly traditional menu for Thanksgiving, from Turkey to yams to green beans and back. Who even likes all of that stuff? Take note of past years and what kind of leftovers you had. This year there will be no green bean casserole, and I’m sure no one will miss it! For my dinner spread I bought pre-cooked chickens, pies, and the vegetables are a frozen mix from good ol’ Trader Joes. Guess what? It was all delicious!

Focus on your guests.
Giving up some of the responsibilities of major cooking during Thanksgiving will allow you to focus more time on your guests. While you may not have time to greet each one as they arrive, try to work the room and spend just a couple of minutes with each one. Let them know you are thankful for their presence.

Actually accept help.
You know those people who walk in the door and say, “Do you need help with anything?”. Sometimes they are asking just to be nice, but somewhere in there, someone really wants to help. Loosen the reins and take advantage of the extra set of hands. I am usually strong-willed when it comes to this and every single time I kick myself after, thinking the extra help would have been nice.

A Simple Thanksgiving Feast

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Are the holidays stressing you out? What do you do to make your Thanksgiving more simple?

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I just like the helpful info you give in your posts. I’ll bookmark your blog and read again here frequently.

I think that simple is best in most cases. This looks very elegant and I love how it is not something you would stress over or feel overwhelmed with.

I love the simplicity. It gives you more time to spend with the people you’re having over for Thanksgiving. It’s totally fine to order pre cooked food especially if you have too much on your plate.

Holidays are so lovely when you can simplify and destress. You’ve arranged a lovely celebration for your guests.. The table setting is divine.

This is such a beautiful table setting! Hope you had a great time with your family and friends!

This looks like absolute perfection. I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of your holidays to come. 🙂

Wow beautiful set up and decorations

What sound advice for entertaining! Your dishes and tablescape overall looks clean, modern and goes perfectly with the white walls. Thanksgiving can be a stressful day for the host, but it sounds like you had it well in hand!

What a wonderful table. That is so beautiful looks I feel like I want to go there. This is a great guide for Thanksgiving. Looks like you enjoyed doing all these stuff. But above all, we can really enjoy Thanksgiving with our family and loved ones.

Thank you, and yes, I agree. I kept threatening to order pizza this year instead of spending the day cooking, haha.

I agree with you. I believe relaxed enjoyable time with friends and loved ones trump tradition. The beginning of Thanksgiving was about family and friends I feel. I hope you and yours had a lovely stress free Holiday as well as the upcoming holidays!

BEAUTIFUL table!!! I want to come eat at your house.

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