Teen Room Planning for Aiden

Teen room inspiration from Rafa Kids
Image via Rafa Kids / Paulina Arcklin

With my son Aiden’s 12th birthday quickly approaching, it’s hard to deny that he will soon be a teenager. I’ve been working on his “teen room” as a gift for his 12th birthday. I know he’s not quite a teen yet, but he’s long passed me up in the height department, and when I peek into his room, his poor feet are sometimes over the edge of his bed. He’s very quickly outgrowing his bunk beds, so I’ve been looking at other options for him that will last longer than a year or two.

After our big room switch, I never got around to actually finishing his room. I had a plan that was a little more grown up, with an emphasis on science and outer space (his two favorite interests) but it never fully materialized. I plan to make a few changes so his room can be final for his birthday (this month, eek!). Below I’ve explained my choices for some of these items, and the role they will play in his new room.

Teen room inspiration for my very tall pre-teen boy.

1. CB2 Stairway Desk & CB2 Stairway Bookcase
His current desk is one that I made using hairpin legs from our old desks, and although I did cave and buy an IKEA Råskog utility cart for him, it just doesn’t offer enough storage for his needs. I might keep the cart around as a rolling bookcase of sorts.

2. Urban Outfitters Vernick Berber Rug
Since he got his own room back, he hasn’t had a proper rug for it. We finally broke down and tossed the white dust and hair attracting shag rug he’s had since his Robots in Space bedroom and have yet to replace it. I really love the natural look of this one, but I’ve also thought about this navy-colored rag rug. He likes this one best, and it looks soft so I think it’s the winner.

3. Moon Phases Calendar by Little Lark
I purchased this for him as part of his last room design, and I still love it quite a bit. The year we have is 2015, but I don’t think he’s keeping track so it’s going to stay. I will say that this full moon pillow is rather rad, and so is this large glow-in-the-dark version.

4. Toto Accessory Toolbox
Right now he uses several pencil cups to hold his supplies, this would bring everything into one place for him, and it would be easy to move about in case he wants to work in another room or has a project that requires more space.

5. Ikea Nordli 7 Drawer Dresser
I love this system from IKEA. It’s not solid wood, but it feels very well made. We use it in our walk in closet and I just love how easy it is to customize, along with the easy close drawers.

6. DIY Chakboard A.
I love the giant “A” in the Rafa Kids photos. I wanted to recreate something similar since Aiden’s name starts with “A”. I thought it would be fun to do a giant wall-size letter A chalkboard on the wall in his room. That way it can function as decoration and for him to doodle notes or checklists on.

7. Ferm Living Molecule Building Set
This set has been on my wish list for quite some time, and every time Aiden sees it he asks about it, so I thought I’d surprise him with it in his room. I love that it functions both as decor and a thinking type toy without looking like a little kid’s toy.

8. Unison Grid Black Duvet Cover
The grid pattern on this totally draws me in, and reminds me of graph paper that you’d use for science class. I actually have this duvet cover from HAY Denmark that is similar, so I plan to use that.

9. Ikea Malm Queen Bed
Aiden’s room functions as the guest bedroom when we have guests over. I know it’s not pretty but it works for us because usually it’s just my Mom so he sleeps on the top bunk, and the guest gets the lower bunk. With a new Queen sized bed, I will move his current bunk beds to my younger son’s room so that Aiden can sleep on the top in there when we have guests, but enjoy his larger queen sized bed when we don’t.

I can’t wait to get to work on his room, with his birthday quickly approaching I’m going to have to move quickly, but can’t wait to share it with you once I’m done!

Teen room inspiration from Rafa Kids
Image via Rafa Kids / Paulina Arcklin

Have you ever designed a pre-teen or teen bedroom? What did you like best about your room when you were a teen? I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have for Aiden’s room in the comments below!

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