Dec 22, 2015

Aiden’s Teen Room Progress

Teen room tour update Teen room tour update Teen room tour update Teen room tour update Teen room tour update

I’ve made a little progress on Aiden’s teen room since I shared his room plan. I ordered this desk and these shelves, which were surprisingly stable and easy to put together. We set everything up on them to for a test run in his space and they were perfect. They seem to take up less space than his old desk set up, so he’s really happy about that.

He also has more usable storage space to organize all of his goodies, which is a bonus as well. I feel like I’m always on a decluttering spree in his room. Perhaps he should read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Ha! I’m trying to instill some of the principles in him without being too pushy or making him feel like he has no choice. We decided which items really bring him joy, and then grouped like items together on his shelf. He loves this marquee light up letter A that Ankit was kind enough to send over, and of course his prized magazines and catalogs. I remember when I was his age that I’d save catalogs to read later and mark my favorite items.

One big reason for having more space was so that he would have space for his 3d printer, and for his other projects that he’s made. He is in woodshop class in school and loves to display his creations proudly. He’s always been a dreamer so this year we started to really encourage and support him to make those dreams a reality.

I still have to get his new bed, mattress, and switch his bedding over. This will involve moving the bunk-beds to Søren’s room, so it will be quite a switch (they have to be disassembled). I think his corner chair might stay, or I might switch it out for something a little less bulky. I also have some painting to do, and moving some of the artwork around.

What did you love about your room when you were a teen? Did you have any big life dreams you pursued then?

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Good luck with the room switch up!

Thanks, Kari! I can’t wait until it’s complete.

I loved that my mom wanted my input when decorating my room! We went with a butterfly theme. I remember helping pick out the comforter from Pottery Barn, so fun!

Christina :: Simple and Delish

Aww, that’s such a wonderful memory for you. When I was younger I wanted an air up bed from delia*s (LOL), and my Mom made it happen. I was so stoked. I hope my son remembers this fondly as well.

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