Space Needle AM + PM / Seattle, Washington

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We got the visit the Space Needle twice during our visit to Seattle so we chose to go in the evening after dinner, then again the next morning. In the evening we had the stroller with Søren and couldn’t take it up, but we came without it the next morning. The morning crowd was definitely larger than the previous evening’s crowd. I was really surprised that the Space Needle isn’t that tall. It looked a lot bigger when I visited as a little girl. The boys were really excited about the view, and I feel like it’s just one of those “must-do” thing’s for a trip to Seattle even if it is a rather touristy obligation.

9 thoughts on “Space Needle AM + PM / Seattle, Washington

    1. Thanks Quyen, I really wanted to go up at night too because I thought it might make for good photos, or at least when it was a little tiny bit darker. Our evening visit was pretty rushed.

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