Hygge for the Holidays

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How to add Hygge to your home

Being of Danish descent has it’s perks. I have quite a bit of family in Denmark, and we often lean toward a Danish lifestyle in our life here in America. One of my very favorite takeaways from the way Danes live is the concept of hygge (hue-gah). It translate roughly to cosiness, so today I’ve partnered with World Market to share with you some easy ways to add hygge to your home.

1. Live intentionally.

Even though this is something I strive to do all year long, it is especially true during the holidays. When I refer to it now, I’m talking about spending the time you have with the people that matter. Use your time (and the light outside, ha!) wisely. Every decision you make should be done with thought and care, from gift giving, to home decor, to making decisions that help take care of yourself.

2. Set the mood.

With the weather changing, you’ll want to take the time to update your decor to reflect that. Create a cozy environment by adding some ambiance with candles and mood lighting to your living area, as well as layering pillows, throws, and soft rugs to keep the space soft and intimate. While hygge is more of a state of mind than something you can quickly throw together, having the right space always helps.

3. Be a good host.

It would be very non-Danish of you to allow guests to enter your home without offering them food or drink. Warm up some tea, bake a simple cake, or make some gløgg if you’re feeling fancy. It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, and I’m sure your guests will feel special with any offering you make.

4. Create a routine.

Change your routine up and start one that helps embrace the simplicity in life. It will feel more natural to create an intimate moment in your everyday space if you practice it more often. Whether it’s having a cup of tea and enjoying the quiet or inviting friends over regularly, start a routine that makes you really embrace hygge in a natural way.

5. Add life and love.

From friends and family, to living plants, add some life to your space. Share the concept of living in the moment, and enjoying it with those near and dear to you.

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How to add Hygge to your home

What are some of your favorite tips to make your home more cozy?

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17 thoughts on “Hygge for the Holidays

  1. The on thing I could spend a lot more energy on would be to change up my decor according to the seasons. I love when I visit people’s homes that are kept up with seasonal decor. I’ve actually made it my mission this winter!

  2. While I have never heard of hygge, I always strive to create a sense of coziness in my home. We do not have a whole lot of guests, but when we do I want them to feel at home in my space. Offering them food and/or drink is a must! 🙂

  3. I love engaging in ritual traditions over the holidays. Participating in the same tasks every year become an anticipated part of the holidays. It makes you stop and enjoy them!

  4. This is a great list. I agree with you too! Being a good host is what really makes it that much more special!

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