Bringing Your Summer Travels Home

There is always a period of time after school is back in session where I’m excited to have a little more time to myself, but once that passes I seem to go through travel withdrawal. The reality sinks in that we have a routine now and it usually doesn’t include long trips or adventures as a family. This year I’m a little more dedicated to keeping the spirit of our summer travel alive, so I’m devoting a few of my favorite home decor items to doing just that. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite natural home decor items with you, whether it’s inspired by travels to tropical destinations or serene deserts. Check them out below!

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A Naturally Curated Closet

A Naturally Curated Closet, 5 easy ways to pare down your closet naturally.

Above: Cuyana silk cami, Babaton murphy blouse (similar by Everlane), Cuyana apres swim coverup, Cuyana silk tee dress, Cuyana cotton cashmere v-neck sweater, Hope lova blouse, Lou & Grey chambray popover, Everlane relaxed silk shirt, Cuyana dolman silk shirt, Cuyana pima turtleneck

Lately I’ve noticed a big uptick in the amount of interest in capsule wardrobes, but I’ve also noticed a trend to replace every item of clothing you own with a new season. I don’t believe this is in line with what a capsule was meant to be and feel like it’s wasteful to replace your entire wardrobe every few months. Instead I utilize a year-long minimal closet that is more naturally curated instead of replaced as quickly as the trends change. No storing, no sorting, no clean outs every few months, just curating it and being mindful of it in my everyday life. Today I’m sharing a few of my tips and tricks that I use to keep my minimal closet curated in a natural way.

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The Benefits of Minimalism

Benefits of Minimalism, 30 ways living more minimally will improve your life.

With capsule wardrobes and Marie Kondo becoming more widely-known, minimalism is something I’m hearing a lot more about lately. I’ve become increasingly interested in practicing minimalism over the last 5 years and learned more and more intricacies of it. At it’s core, minimalism is a lifestyle that involves living intentionally. It’s that simple and it reads differently for everyone. It involves making intentional choices about your time, money, and especially consumption. Over time I’ve learned quite a few ways that minimalism benefits me and today I’m happy to share 30 ways minimalism can benefit you as well.

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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care

5 Ways to Spend Time on Yourself

This post is sponsored by Burke Williams.

I am not the best at self-care and I’m willing to bet that you might feel the same way. As someone with a big heart I constantly put other’s needs before my own, and it’s something I’ve always done. Recently I’ve been trying to change that for the better, and I’m finally starting to feel like I’m starting to win the battle. Today I’ve teamed up with Burke Williams Spa to share some of my favorite ways to practice self-care in hopes that it will inspire you to take better care of yourself as well.

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